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you know what hasn’t been done in a while? well, me blogging in general is one potential answer to that. but, what i’m more specifically thinking of is:

a choose your own adventure!

i have long admired the featherweight cardigan for it’s simple and beautiful shape, it looks like an incredibly versatile cardigan to have in ones wardrobe. this is also a great knit to show off a more spectacular yarn! or to de-stash!

now i happen to have a few options of laceweight yarn that could all probably make a quite lovely featherweight, and an inability to choose which i think could be the loveliest option! but that’s where you come in! let’s look at the options, shall we?

option the first:


2 skeins of malabrigo laceweight, hand dyed by me to a slightly muted royal blue. 940 yards.

option the second:

1 skein shenanigans laceweight in colorway gunsmoke. 1000 yards.

option the third:

1 skein strandavarious laceweight in this hand dyed purple variegated color. 1000 yards. if i did this one, i might try to make the featherweight reversible, as i suspect i’d like the reverse stockinette side of this a bit better.

tell me what you think! the poll will be up for a week! how have your summers been?

The votes are in! At 44% with 11 votes, my purple strandavarious wins! Gonna start skeining that up tonight!


when i get a new piece of clothing, i want to wear it allll the time. i come up with a dozen different outfits for it. that’s the case with this skirt.


and the blouse, actually.


old navy brown cardigan – swapped lace blouse – thrifted belt – gifted skirt, boots

both are new to me and i looooove them. so it’s the most natural thing in the world that i tried them together. and what did i pair them with? old stand-bys. this cardigan, bought for cheap off the super sale rack at old navy years and years ago, and boots that i have already sung of my love for on the blog. metaphorically. i promise you don’t want to hear me sing. but if we’re ever driving anywhere together, you’ll almost certainly get to hear my enthusiastic* sing alongs.




* that’s pretty much the best thing one could say about my singing.

i hope you all had a treat filled halloween, with only a few (fun) tricks. i got more than my usual amount of scares this halloween, but they were spaced far enough apart that i have not turned into the ‘creeping-in-fear’ version of eliza.

as i was walking back from the bookstore the other day, (ugh, they did not have what i wanted to buy, though i did finally find a moleskine 2014 calendar planner: mineallmine!) i passed a loft store advertising 40% off of everything! i rarely shop at loft… it’s less of a choice and more that there isn’t one in the mall where i do the majority of my first hand shopping (which is still pretty rare, y’allll). but here i was, and there was the bright sign, doing it’s job, luring me in! spoiler alert: i didn’t actually buy anything. but, i got a lot of ideas and added a few things to my wish list.

what i was going to show you was the soft drapey cardigan i fell in love with at the store. alack, it doesn’t seem to be online! but while i was searching for it, i kinda fell for this beauty:

striped pointelle yoke sweater

i’m a total sucker for sweaters with multiple techniques. it can be easy, as a knitter, to think: this will be a striped knit. and then not look beyond stripes for possibilities. so combining variations of stitches really gets me excited.


stripes on cables is definitely something i wouldn’t think of! but with the soft overall pattern of cabling on this sweater, i love the extra graphic punch of the stripes!

i can’t find what appears to be an original source for this image… this tumblr post is the furthest back i can trace it.

when i first saw this, i fell madly in love. dense lace with a neckline edging of delicate cable? ohmygosh! so pretty! someday i will try this!

similar story here, unfortunately, but different tumblr

i think this sweater is practically perfect in every way, and i want to recreate it, maybe with a slightly less pink oriented color scheme.

this beauty is rililie‘s 2012 cardigan

this whole cardigan strikes me as kind of a play on expectations! rililie really excels at thinking outside the box when it comes to knitting. this is my very favorite detail on this cardigan, but really, the whole thing is lovely! this one doesn’t follow a pattern, but she has several other patterns that definitely would fall into this category!

g-knits beautiful morrison cardigan

everytime i look at this FO, i have to run to my stash page to see if i have any appropriate yarn. i feel like i say that a lot, but i do only share my very favorites with you guys ^__^.

so! which of the above is your favorite? or are there any beautiful inspiration sweaters that you want to share with me? what’s your favorite combo? are you a stripes and lace? colorwork and cables (ooh, i didn’t find any of those!)? what’s your huckleberry?

and indeed it is. we had our first frost last week, and i am suffering mixed feeling about it. on the one hand, the hoar-tipped greenery is quite pretty, and freezes should be bringing an end to my autumnal allergies, with have been especially active this year. but on the other hand, we started filming all of the external scenes for pops episode 8 so that we wouldn’t have to film outside in the frigid freezing ridiculous cold. only, we’re starting to have to do that anyways. in october. yeesh.


FO: winter is coming <– ravelry project page

pattern: the humble sock goes toe up using the elongated corded rib pattern from sensational knitted socks
yarn: wooly wonka in colorway winterfell (hence the name of the socks)
needles: size 2


mods: well, this is a mash-up pattern. i prefer to knit socks toe-up, two at a time, although i don’t use the two circular needle method, just grab 8-10 of my scads of size 2 double pointed needles and switch back and forth between the two socks. i feel that i have more control knitting toe up, in terms of using yarn up evenly, making the two socks identical, avoiding second sock syndrome (i have two or three single socks hanging around my wip basket). but i miss the gusset from top down socks. short row heels without a gusset always feels like it’s really pulling at the heel. this is the first time i’ve tried the instructions from the humble sock goes toe up. they aren’t the only toe-up with gusset pattern out there, but they were definitely the first ones i ever saw!


these have rekindled my interest in knitting socks, and i’ve already cast on for another pair (the hermione’s everyday socks that i mentioned). however, i’ve worn these twice since finishing them, and it’s reminded me of the reasons i am ultimately less of a sock knitter. while i love the ability to create useful objects, the soles of these are felting after two wears… which feels a little defeating. i guess socks just have a smaller lifetime then other knits, and if i’m going to knit socks, it’s just something i’ll have to get over.



FO: reduced circumstances

pattern: margaret dashwood shawl by joanna johnson
yarn: ursula’s alcove kettle sock, a gift from the lovely chronographia and her mother, 560 yards (512 meters)
needles: US size 5 (3.75mm), both because ursula’s cove is a tad lighter than the suggested loft, but also because i tend to prefer a slightly firmer stitch.


i fell in love with this pattern the moment i saw it. i’m sure you are all aware by now what a fan i am of jane austen, and period pieces. i also love historical fashion, and the sweet old-fashioned quality of this, while simultaneously transforming easily to the contemporary fashion. for a related post, i bow to the superior scholarship of kate, who recently published a pattern for a similar garment, though the knitting style is quite different: sontag.


this was my on-the-go project for several months. it lends itself well to this, being garter stitch based, one skein, easily memorized repeats. but it stayed in my purse, only to be taken out while waiting for things to happen, or long conversations, so it took awhile to complete it.


when i first began to knit, i was stuck for a very very long time on garter stitch before i really branched out. this had a bit of a whiplash effect once i did branch out, and i disliked garter stitch for feeling rather unrefined, implying a time when i did not know anything else. it took awhile, but i’ve come back around to being fond of it. now i perceive it as a really ‘handknit’ aesthetic.


how about you? any knitting qualities or stitches you stay away from? or have come around to? any strong feeling about garter specifically?

whoo, finally got some FO shots of this blanket!

luca's wool leaves

FO: luca’s wool leaves <–ravelry project page

luca's wool leaves

pattern: wool leaves from brooklyntweed
yarn: elsebeth lavold silky wool, in color 40, celery. i used not quite six skeins, held double.
needles: US size 10 (6.00 mm)
mods: since i have a different gauge than the pattern, and i wanted to use up allllll of the yarn (or as much as possible), i knit this with 10 repeats wide, and 12 repeats tall.

luca's wool leaves

the color of this yarn is pretty difficult to photograph. it is a pale, creamy yellow-green, and depending on the light, it can look like any of those three (cream, yellow, green) or even beige or grey.

luca's wool leaves

finished dimensions, post-blocking: 30″ x 40″

luca's wool leaves

i had some troubles starting this blanket… i started it and ripped back to the beginning three times before i got the dimensions right. i wanted the least yarn waste possible. i still have to do this by trial and error. in this case, i just knit one skein at a certain number of repeats, and then calculated how many repeats tall it would get. so 6 was going to be really skinny and tall, 8 was less so, but still gonna be skinny and tall, and 10 worked out. do you guys know of a less… time intensive way to try to figure these things out?

luca's wool leaves

thanks to jillie for taking pictures!

ps- i linked to WEBS for my yarn way up there, and i noticed that they are having an anniversary sale through may 8! maybe you should check it out?


celia’s socks are done! whoo!

deets: cloudy with a chance for celia <–ravelry project page

pattern: glynis from cookie a’s sock innovation
yarn: knit one, crochet too’s crock-o-dye in pewter (it’s a generous skein of yarn, i still have some left. i think i used somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 yds for these)
needles: US size 1 metal addi circulars
mods: the legs are a couple of repeats shorter than the pattern. i did six repeats before working on the heel.


gosh, i originally started these eons ago. i tried to do the sunshine pattern from cookie a’s sock innovation. the problem with that was two-fold. i was knitting them on little wooden size 0 dpns, which were very slender and bendy. and there were cables, which made the fabric i was knitting even tighter. basically, i thought i was going to snap my needles, which made for tense knitting.


so i switched patterns to the glynis socks from the same book, and swapped out the dpns for metal circulars. in the long run, this made for smoother knitting. at the beginning, though, when i was done knitting the cuff, i kept trying to start the pattern using the wrong chart. i had to rip out several times before i actually took the time to look at the pattern to see what i was getting wrong.


i also dropped a stitch on the sole of the first sock, and didn’t notice for about 20 rows. you can see it in the photo above, there’s a slight puckering on the top sock (i didn’t manage to pick up a stitch for every one of the twenty rows), but it blocked out okay.


celia’s feet are smaller than my own, and therefore the sock blockers i usually use would stretch them out considerably. i bent two wire hangers into smaller blockers, using mine as a shape guide, and sent them on to the recipient, so that her socks can dry prettily.

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