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you guys, i made my first toy!


FO: i wonder if it remembers me <– ravelry project page

pattern: tadpole by katie boyette from petit purls (free!)

yarn: lambs pride worsted in yellow (leftover from jayne’s hat)

needles: US size 4 (3.5mm) dpns, a little smaller than suggested because i like a tighter gauge, especially when i wanted to shove as much stuffing as possible in the toy, so the stitches wouldn’t warp.

notions: stuffing, grey felt, a little leftover black yarn, matching thread for both, a sewing needle

(this is my favorite photo!)

i love this! it was a quick and easy knit, BUT! it was not a quick and easy FO. while the yardage is low, and the knitting time is fairly low, too, it required quite a bit of finishing fiddling, and tweaking and trying things once, twice, three times in order to get them right. so while i understand the fun of it, and this project never stressed me out, i also don’t know that this is the beginning of an obsession…


i made sure to really shove as much stuffing as possible in when the time came, so that this would be a nice firm plush toy. since the stuffing was put in before the knitting was finished, blocking wasn’t really an option, but a spritz or two from my iron on steam mode still helped tidy things up, visually.

throughout it’s creation it looked like a pear/a yellow potato:

lil yellow submarine!

a kitty:


and then a submarine!


this was a knit for a friend who’s a fan of life aquatic with steve zissou. you may recall, i made him a hat along similar lines, with which he made a pretty awesome video which featured it heavily? i’m super chuffed with how it turned out, though, and quite pleased that we got to do the FO shoot on the ocean!

in other news, i’ve been changing things around a bit here on the ole bloggity-blog. i may yet fiddle with the color scheme and make up a header, but what do you think? i also tried to add some of what i consider to be the more useful things to the sidebar on the right, but is there anything i’m over looking? is there anything you would like to see on this blog to increase it’s usability?

have a great long weekend! (if you’re in the US or happen to have a long weekend. otherwise have a great regular sized weekend!)


first FO of the year! a tad shameful that this post would come before the last FO of 2011. i blocked them the same evening, but i want to get this in the mail, so i prioritized pics of it.


oh, so you are interested in the mysteries of the deep and all the crazy marine life down there? well, you are in luck! for i did a report in the fifth grade on the blue whale! and i remember… so little of it. they eat krill. they are the largest mammal, and also the largest ANIMAL… and…. i’m tapped.

FO: the Belafonte

these pictures are just placeholders. until i get pictures from the recipient. wearing his hat. who is this mysterious recipient, you ask? you don’t ask, you say? well i say you ask! the one, the only, VANAWESOME is the recipient! (so that link is to his channel. which is excellent. but in case you were curious, this is the video i usually show people as an introduction to vanawesome.)

FO: the Belafonte

FO: the Belafonte <–ravelry project page
pattern: my own. see more details below.
yarn: berroco ultra alpaca in henna (somewhere in the ballpark of 150 yds)
needles: US size 6 (4.0mm)

FO: the Belafonte

other information: vanawesome named the hat. it is named after the vessel from life aquatic with steve zissou. it is very much based on steve zissou‘s hat from the life aquatic with steve zissou. when he said that was what he wanted, i of course immediately thought of the jacques cousteau hat, but that is a 2×2 rib (which the original obvo is not), and the pattern is written for dk. so i just winged it. it ended up being the perfect disney world/universal studios waiting in line/vacation knit, which is convenient.

i cast on 100, knit 1×1 rib, did a couple of set up rows for the decreases, then decreased 4 stitches evenly every row. if i’d cast on 104 sts, i wouldn’t have needed to worry about setting up for the decreases. but i felt reckless when casting on, and didn’t do planning maths.


as promised, the sloppy joes became the base for shepherds pie. another dinner i don’t really have a recipe for. sloppy joes on the bottom, sauteed carrots and peas in the middle, mashed potatoes on top, and hey why not? toss some parmesan and melted butter on top of that! 30 minutes in an oven preheated to 400 degrees fahrenheit. it was delicious!

what animal did you do your animal report on?

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