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Also Known As: Life Lately According To My Phone.

Two married ladies. Alternatively: the bride wore duck lips.

One of my very favorite ladies got married on Halloween. I cried the moment she started to speak at the ceremony, because geeze, there’s something about people I love making life long commitments that brings out the sap in me. Properly contrasted with a duck face selfie, of course. I designed her invites, and hopefully someday I’ll get around to showing you those.


I borrowed a dress for the wedding and I’m kind of in lurve with it. Also, dressing up for this made me realize: a) my hair is pretty long and b) I don’t really know how to make it formal or even semi-formal at this length. Braids have been my default, but I need some new inspiration.

So far so good!

I decided to knit another ‘seasons hat’ for a friend who always wears hats. When there’s this many colors at play, I have to swatch a minimum of four times. I like where I ended up! This is pretty close to completion, depending on how much knitting time is in the near future.

Rings on rings on rings.

Time is at a bit of a premium right now because PoPS is in full swing production! Which is time-consuming, but it’s wonderful to be getting this stuff done. Pre-production was a especially brutal this round (I’m looking at you, scheduling). Oh, this picture is hands belonging to myself and Carlyn. When we need a double for her on set, I don a wig, and rings.

Accidentally did some random bleaching of my jeans while cleaning today. At least it doesn't look totally accidental? #oops

Production at our place means I’ve been cleaning every room we’ve been about to shoot in. And then inevitably seeing corners of dustiness while we’re shooting. SIGH. Accidentally bleached my jeans with the tub-scrub stuff the other day. At least it looks kind of planned-ish?

Baiza has been hanging out in this little tent that @chynagrove made! It's pretty dang cute. #baizagram

Baiza has been a bit under the weather. It’s easy to forget how old she is, being as teensy and spry as she is, but occasionally her age catches up to us. She’s on the mend, and this little tent has been her favorite hide out. Chyna made it for Mitzy, who upheld the time honored pet tradition of not giving a rats-patootie about the things their people want them to, so I’m glad Baiza likes it!

Jake matches the flowers.

Part of my family celebrated an early Thanksgiving with a meal, and I very much enjoyed how much Jake’s sweater matched the flowers on the table.

Mending my favorite chambray... Might not be worth it, but I gotta give it a try.

In this time of eternal cleaning and tidying, I’ve been shuffling through my wardrobe again, and I decided that my favorite chambray shirt has been out of commission long enough, and either needed to be tossed or fixed. So I took a cue from my favorite board dedicated to mending (specifically this) and went for it! It’s wearable again! I think the fabric is starting to give, so I’m not sure how much I extended it’s life, but oh well. I still like it!

What have you guys been up to?


darned elbows

quite a while ago my father in law gave me one of his favorite sweaters, one that he’d worn straight through the elbows, with the idea that i might be able to do something about it. at that time i hadn’t darned anything, but i thought it might be worth a shot.

darned elbow

i tried one of the elbows, but i didn’t think it had worked out too well. so it got set to the side. and stayed there for a quite a while. (this is a theme with many things that i set to one side) i darned a few things, here and there, over the course of time.

darned elbows

recently, i’ve been seeing gorgeous darned and mended objects on pinterest, and with my current interest in clearing out old projects, i dug the sweater out of the pile of ignored projects. i pulled out the elbow i had already given a shot.

darned elbow

similar to mending the cardigan, i opted for a thinner yarn. in this case, however, i don’t think it was thinner than the yarn used for the sweater, but it was a similar weight. i used some of a partial skein, leftover from making purlless monkeys. i’ve always been very fond of the colors of this yarn, and i think it’s equally gorgeous woven as it was knit!

darned elbow

i threaded all of my vertical lines first, establishing a warp, as it were. i didn’t take any pictures, unfortunately, so fire up your imagination cameras and picture it: i ran a warp thread through the middle of every stitch, as well as the ladder between every stitch, going under/over every available intact yarn, with a radius of an inch or two of completely intact knitting around the hole i was mending.

darned elbow

i then created the weft, with the same yarn, doing the under/over motion to make the woven look. if you need an image to get an idea, this pin pretty much sums it up.

darned elbows

i don’t know if you can tell, but i’m fairly in love with how this turned out!

my grandma gave me a lovely colorwork sweater from her closet last year. it is mostly in good shape, but there was a loose button, some of the edging needed re-enforcing, and several small bites from some bitty creature that thinks wool is tasty.

mending knitting has, historically speaking, been pretty low on my list of preferred tasks. just above carding wool, which i find tedious to the max. but i’ve found if i do it in small segments, in between knitting projects or in front of a tv show, it bothers me much less. and the more i do it, the more i enjoy doing it. plus, i get a pleasantly smug feeling off of extending the life of my clothes. waste not, want not! and other such smug idioms!

so i’ve been working away at the little holes first. they are all quite small, many are just one stitch missing, some have up to 3 total. because they are so small, i’m just using duplicate stitch, also called swiss darning, to mend the holes, as it calls less attention to itself.

i started by going through my various bits & bobs to see if i had a good matching yarn.


i found this natural wool and thought i’d give it a shot.


i started with a hole on the chest, right by the button band. this yarn is just a bit thicker than the original, and a tiny bit warmer (color wise). so it created this very dense area where i patched this hole. if i were to wear a black shirt under this sweater, it would look like a random little polka dot. not my ideal. so i went back to looking for yarn again, when i remembered some singles still hanging out on my drop spindle.


ooh! quite a nice match! and this yarn is thinner. i’ve been finding i prefer a thinner yarn for mending purposes. it is less bulky, an calls less attention to itself, and to the areas you’re mending.


i’ve also been finding if i mend from the wrong side of the sweater, the mending is less visible. the mending yarn tends to stay predominantly on the side that you are mending from.


i still need to re-sew the button and re-enforce the edging, but the little holes have pretty much disappeared! got any tips for me?


target- cardigan, jeggings
j crew- thrifted grey shirt, boots
gift- robot necklace


elbow patches! robot necklace! as far as i’m concerned, any outfit that has these will be an automatic win!


another crafty task recently accomplished:


jake managed to burn two holes through his flannel on set the other day, trying to darken a pesky light they couldn’t turn off. fortunately it’s one of those higher quality flannel shirts with a double layer of cloth on the back yoke, so i snipped out the inside fabric to patch the holes. i don’t mend often or very well, but this is one of his favorites.

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