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thrifty thursday: dark heart

thrifty thursday: dark heart

the name of this post was inspired by my little black heart earrings, which got this song stuck in my head:

thrifty thursday: dark heart

thrifty thursday: dark heart

thrifty thursday: dark heart

loft thrifted sweater delia’s thrifted jeans ???? thrifted bag target little boys boat shoes isette little black heart earrings

i’ve done thrifty thursdays before, but i thought i might approach it a little differently. as opposed to just showing you what i bought, i thought i might try to wear outfits that are as thrifted as possible! (unless it’s housewares… those are harder to wear.)

i found this bag this week, and i love it! i’ve been looking for a larger cross body purse for traveling, and i saw this at a thrift store for $3. three dollars! can you even stand it? so i took it home and cleaned it up with some leather wipes and oil! it’s so classic looking! i’m finding myself more and more drawn to classic or preppy or french aesthetics, which actually weirds me out a little… it’s so far from what i used to identify with. does that ever happen to you?

this sweaters sparkly shoulders are what sold me. they make me feel just a little bit rock n’ roll…



i think 4 & 19 are my favorites. i feel like all of the elements, proportions and colors are just right.


i put the tall wedges in to try to get rid of my conviction that i couldn’t wear them all day. because they aren’t uncomfortable. i just can’t move very quickly in them.


i think i’m getting better/more confident about incorporating color(s) into my outfits. i tend to stick to mostly neutrals with one color pop, and while that is still my comfort zone, i played with multiple colors a handful of times.


i usually select a few things that i always mean to wear, but rarely do, to see if i would wear them more by forcing them into the rotation. sometimes it works, and sometimes it illustrates why i never wear them. so now i can let go of the h & m skirt, see, because it’s gotten fair shakes at being incorporated, and it just didn’t make the cut, no matter how many things it might go with. so i’m sending it off to my cousin, who expressed interest in it when i was complaining about it.


i didn’t wear my gingham dress. i tried it on once or twice for various outfits, but i came to realize that it is just plain too short, unless worn with leggings (like i did here). anyways, long story short, it went to goodwill after a closet purge in the middle of this remix. another item that never made it in was my forever21 tank, which had a similar problem. i need to take up the straps a little bit before i can wear it.


what are your favorites?

whoa. i didn’t mean to disappear! i guess i needed a break?

now, to finish up those things i left unfinished, here’s my final outfit:


target navy tee forever21 braided belt anthropologie cream skirt old navy sandals

if you’re all like ‘whoa! hey! that t-shirt wasn’t part of the original selection!’, i say ‘i only chose 14, remember?’ (and then i mumble something about all my shirts needing to be washed).

and since i took pictures of this outfit a full week ago, i’m just going to tell you what outfit 13 was: white target tee, this same anthropologie skirt, brown j. crew belt, and motorcycle boots. my grey sweater was on standby but it was a warm day, and i wasn’t at cold work, so it never got used. i was inspired by this pin, though i don’t think i was quite as successful.

coming soon: 15 for 15 wrap up, and a finished cowl!


gap thrifted grey sweater j. crew chambray shirt dealia’s black pants old navy sandals


the thing about outfits is… i don’t usually have much to say about them. the thing about this outfit is… it’s probably one of my most worn. black pants + chambray shirt = easy win. not very original, but when it works, it works. right?

i mentioned recently there were several rummage sales, and that i sallied forth and purchased rummaged goods. you’ve seen a few things, but i thought i’d show you a couple other acquisitions!

portrait of a lady

portrait of a (sad?) lady. i think she looks lovely in my wall o’ black & white stuffs. except where the spackled holes need to be touched up with paint. the bottom of the portrait is a tad waterstained, but my decorative ikea containers cover that nicely.

recipe box

i’ve been looking for a cute recipe box for a while. in my imagination, it was painted in the style of nordic rosemaling, but i have found any variety of decorative recipe boxes difficult to find, and i quite like this one. i’ve actually tweaked the kitchen further since i took this picture. do you guys get sick of my kitchen vignettes? it doesn’t seem like i get sick of moving little things hither and thither, especially in the kitchen.

i also found these:

nautical dishes

if any of you find yourselves in need of getting my friend caitlin a gift, there are three surefire wins: get her anything blue & white striped, anything nautically themed, or anything bee themed. there is also a certain style of rustic baroque to which she is very partial, but that’s more ‘i know it if i see it, but i couldn’t explain it to you’. so when i saw this amazing set of dishes, i had to get them for her, limited cabinet space be damned! aren’t they fab?

those were some of my acquisitions! have you had any thrifty luck recently?


old navy dress
delia’s sweater
j. crew belt
good question boots


i don’t think i had ever in my life seen an arnold schwarzenegger movie before jake and i started going out… now i definitely need both hands to count the schwarzenegger movies. we just watched total recall, which was fun fun fun fun. it held up fairly well, with just the right amount of absurdity to make it absolutely enjoyable.


as a note, i briefly thought about titling this post ‘athletic, sleazy and demure’. except, well… i didn’t.


it’s been a deluge of outfit posts around here recently, hey? today i’m actually participating in everybody, everywear!

ebew nautical

gap thrifted blazer
rummaged unknown scarf
j. crew striped shirt
target jeans & wedges

ebew nautical

jill (who took these pictures) mentioned that i’m always looking down in pictures, so i thought i’d change it up! i’ve had this blazer for a little bit now, but this is the first time it’s actually made it out of the house. now i’m wondering what took me so long, as it’s really comfortable!

ebew  nautical

can’t move too quickly in these shoes…

Nautical | Everybody, Everywear

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