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katie of house of humble recently posted about her desire for tried and true cake recipes in a little recipe box, which reminded me of my own quest for a vintage recipe box, and i realized that i somehow had never checked etsy! what the what?

so i went over and peeked around, and here are some of my faves:

this looks SUPER familiar to me. like maybe someone i know has this in their kitchen… i’ll have to keep my eye out when i go a-visiting. vintage yellow recipe box with red roses from kitchen table vintage.

how gorgeous is this simple copper recipe box with the brass sign? total babe! i can see this in a mid century modern kitchen, all bright whites and teak and this gorgeous pop of copper… vintage copper recipe box from snippety cricket (i’ll be honest, though, i stole the photo from aliya and lucas, but theirs sold).

really excellent asian inspired recipe box from snootie booty.

let a wee bit of the scots into me kitchen? oh, aye, don’t mind if i do, ye ken? (errrr… sorry. you know i’m mostly scottish, yeah?) ANYWAYS! tartan recipe box from darling rats = totally awesome.

or how about this rad vintage ’60’s floral recipe box from jackpot jen?

which is your favorite? or are none of these quite doing it for you? or do you have a different method for storing and organizing your recipes? in all honestly, that copper one is the one i’m most tempted by!


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