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thrifted cardigan – inherited gram’s ancient flannel – levi’s black jeans

dolce vita black suede booties

This cardigan confuses me a little. I can never tell if I’m wearing it right, because of the placement of the arms… is it meant to be longer sleeves, with the collar kind of flat, like I’m wearing it here? Or is the collar meant to be folded or bunched with shorter sleeves? Perhaps it’s just meant for me to have the choice, but I kind of wish I knew what the intention was. Not that it matters, I wear it anyways.

This may be the beginning of a vampy lips phase for me. We’ll see. It’s funny the phases one goes through in life. When I was a kid, I’d play in my Mom’s makeup, and I would only wear her wildest, brightest colors. I was only allowed to wear them out of the house for dance recitals. But my lips were fire engine red for the recitals! But when it came time to buy my first lipstick, I chose a really conservative color, just a shade or two closer to berry than my natural lip color, and I’ve ever so slowly been branching out from there. I was a little self-conscious (because, obviously I over think everything) about wearing such a dark color in the day time, but the old flannel and casual sweater made it feel much more day appropriate to me. I am just waiting for an event to pop up so that I can wear it more like this. If nothing appropriate comes up soonish, I might just opt to look extra fancy for dinner with friends.

What are the colors you’re favoring these days? Would you have been scared of them in the past?






vintage (i think) cardigan from gram, belt – target grey dress, black tights – l.l. bean bean boots

well all this snow is gone now. (thank goodness!) but considering how epic this winter was, i felt like it needed some proper documentation. this will be one of those seasons that is referred to in future… ‘oh, do you remember the winter of ’14?’ we’ll say. ‘now THAT was a bad one,’ they’ll reply. and the children will roll their eyes.


mostly unrelated, have you seen the photoset of the couple that took a picture in their front yard every season for several years?

even though there’s very little evidence on this blog, i’m still getting dressed every day. this outfit is actually from last year, as i had forgotten that i had pictures of it!




target sparkly spangly shirt – j. crew thrifted silver cardigan – gap navy skinnies
gift from my brother necklace – willits saddle shoes

this was my go-to holiday outfit, for all but the fanciest of parties. metallic cardigan with sparkly shirt? don’t mind if i do! add a spangly necklace, put my hair up, apply bright red lippy (not pictured), and i’m set! i love this sparkly shirt. do you think it’s too much for day to day wear? i might try to sneak it in more regularly…

this hair-do is really easy but also not-sustainable. i split my hair into two parts, as if i were going to do two braids, but i just twisted the segments until they twisted in on themselves, and then i stuck pins everywhere. i like the way it looks, but it never felt totally secure.


turn a square

FO: turn a square <–ravelry project page

pattern: turn a square
yarn: paton’s classic wool, moss heather, leftover from slow news day, and some manos del uruguay de-stashed from a friend.
needles: US size 6 (4.0mm) and US size 8 (5.0mm)

FO: turn a square

this was a quick and mindless knit that i cast on for to have some movie theater knitting when we went to go see catching fire (sooooo good! i had low expectations based on the first movies and my love of the books, but i really really loved this movie. are any of you hunger games fans? anyone else see catching fire?). it served the purpose beautifully, used up some partial skeins, and jake got a new hat to boot!

FO: turn a square

FO: mistake rib hat

FO: mistake rib hat

pattern: of my own devising
yarn: various. berroco ultra alpaca, and ultra alpaca fine, and some unknown worsted & aran weight orangey-reds.
needles: US size 6 and 8

FO: mistake rib hat

another scrap busting project! i brought my crate of scrap yarn when we went to the family farm for thanksgiving, and this is what i worked on. i made it up as i went along. i cast on 88 stitches, knit a 1 by 1 rib for as long as i could stand it, because i knew i wanted a brim long enough to fold back. i switched to larger needles and mistake rib (row 1: *k1, p3*, row 2: *k2, p1, k1*). i am totally enamored of my decreases… so tidy! i had to rip back quite a few times, trying to get the color transitions just right. i really like what i ended up with.

FO: mistake rib hat

and…. the last knit of 2013! finished on the last day of the year!

FO: bough

FO: bough

pattern: bough
yarn: takhi yarns sedona in dark olive, leftover from jake’s big bear beast (which, by the way, i just finished some alterations on, so probably a post about that quite soon!)
needles: US size 4 (3.5mm) and US size 6 (4.0mm)

FO: bough

there’s not as much to say about this one. i picked the pattern for a friend, thought this yarn would suit his style! this is a fun knit, though the twisted rib did seem to drag on and on for much longer than i would’ve thought. i made no changes. i like the single column of alternating knits and purls on either side of the ‘bough’ pattern, it adds a texture that i like and never would have thought of. and you know how i appreciate a tidy decreasing in a hat (see above!).

FO: bough

there is at least one knit that i very nearly finished this year, but it still needs some finishing touches. i anticipate it will be the first knit of the new year!

how was your new years eve? we spent ours very quietly. i just finished listening to the harry potter audiobooks, so now we’re working our way through all of the movies! we paused order of the phoenix at midnight, and cheers the new years in with our glasses of wine. i hope you guys had lovely new years eves.

cheers to the new year!


old navy sheepy sweater – thrifted necklace – j. crew chambray
marshall’s red pants – l.l. bean bean boots

i hope you guys had a really great christmas! or at least a fabulous december 25!

i didn’t get all of my quick knits up in time, but i still have a few leftover, tucked in my metaphorical pocket. so i might toss a few more posts up with those in the near future. but now we are in the final week of the year (eep!) so i have to do a bit of work ahead of me to get all of my FO’s up before the new year, as well as my end of year wrap-ups!


what’s going on with you guys?




thrifted hat, blazer, pink jeans, woven flats – hand knit cowl – target cardigan

found these pictures hanging out from a couple of weeks ago! i’d brought my proper camera (the nikon) only to turn it on and find that the battery was completely dead. d’oh! so jill took some pictures with my phone.







thrifted red wool scarf, woven shoes – target thrifted cardigan, white tee – j. crew navy cords

the weather has been so gorgeous. i’m loving watching the earliest signs of autumn, like little tie-dyed leaves showing up sporadically. it’s also nice being able to wear the same outfits inside and outside of work with equal comfort. in the summer, i always have to wear sweaters at work and dress warmly, but as soon as i get off work, i have to peel off layers to stay cool in the heat. and in the winter i have pile on coats and woolens as soon as i leave. it’s pretty magical to be comfortable all day long in the same outfit. #itsthelittlethings


i don’t wear this scarf as much as i should.

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