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while i was in new mexico, we did a quick day trip to sante fe. it’s no secret that i love the weavings of the southwest, and my aunt pulled me into a gallery to show me their room full of antique navajo & hopi rugs and blankets.

they were very nice at this gallery, they told me to feel free to take things out, unfold them, toss them on the floor, take pictures. when i was told this, a image flashed into my mind of pulling out as many as i possibly could and rolling myself up in them to just luxuriate in them. i resisted this particular temptation, but i was very glad to be able to look at them more closely.

i also had quite a lot of fun asking about the types of dye used (mostly acid dyes, some indigo and cochineal) and waxing nerdy about weaving.


look at this gorgeous imperfect little rug! what happened in the middle here? do you think they switched weavers in the middle? or maybe the weaver did this in two sittings, and started the second session totally stressed out, and slowly, through the act of weaving, or who knows, maybe talking to another weaver working nearby, got herself back to the tension of the first session? i don’t know the story, but i love the product!

the way they think about details is so different from how i think about details, and i find it so inspiring!


i take so many pictures as references for inspiration, for colorwork or knitting, but i so rarely get around to it. maybe i should make it a goal for myself?

above: this particular beauty was a chiefs blanket, and muy muy expensive! but i found the muted tones especially attractive.


i absolutely love all of the natural marled tones of the wools left untouched by dye.


this was the shiprock gallery, in case you ever find yourself in the plaza in sante fe. you can also browse their textiles stock online if you should wish it!


if you could be left to play in a room full of anything, what would it be? which was your favorite here? did you see any color combinations that inspired?


okay, so this is actually about runners in the kitchen. they don’t have to be kilim… that’s just the ideal. and alliterative. our kitchen is very light and bright, and i think a runner could definitely add some texture and color to the kitchen. i’ve been looking for runners every time i go thrifting/rummaging/etc. but good secondhand rugs are not easy to find. and i am picky about what i want, and won’t settle for just anything. so i’m going to wait it out.

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