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i have really been making an effort this year not to get fed up with winter. and, for the most part, i’ve been succeeding. every day that it reaches -18 fahrenheit here, i know that my dad has dealt with -30 fahrenheit, which really helps to keep my attitude in check. but what i have been getting frustrated with is my cold weather gear. i feel like only a tiny percentage of my wardrobe has been seen in the last three months, and frankly, i’m pretty sick of seeing only that tiny percentage. so i’ve been making an effort, diving into lesser used corners of my wardrobe to try and feel like i can still have fun getting dressed.


in this case, a longer wool pleated skirt that i inherited from my grandma, but is too heavy most of the year. it gets pushed to the back, where i tend to kind of forget about it.


it’s also cold enough that most outfit pictures happen as close to the warmth of indoors as possible. more interesting locales will happen when it’s warm enough to do more than dash from indoor space to indoor space!

inherited from grandma talbots scarf, wool pleated skirt – thrifted old navy sweater – j. crew boots



be warned: lots of pictures. it was too gorgeous out, i had a hard time limiting the quantities!





thrifted blazer, scarf, j. crew sweater – target grey tee, booties – ebay madewell jeans

the colors this autumn have been amazing! i can’t tell if it’s this beautiful every year, and i just forget, or if they are especially incredible this year!






do you have the problem where you selectively forget how beautiful autumn is?

i’m starting to work on scoping out my selections for my holiday quick knit round-ups, and yesterday i asked for input, so if there’s anything you’d like to see, make sure to leave me a comment!






thrifted red wool scarf, woven shoes – target thrifted cardigan, white tee – j. crew navy cords

the weather has been so gorgeous. i’m loving watching the earliest signs of autumn, like little tie-dyed leaves showing up sporadically. it’s also nice being able to wear the same outfits inside and outside of work with equal comfort. in the summer, i always have to wear sweaters at work and dress warmly, but as soon as i get off work, i have to peel off layers to stay cool in the heat. and in the winter i have pile on coats and woolens as soon as i leave. it’s pretty magical to be comfortable all day long in the same outfit. #itsthelittlethings


i don’t wear this scarf as much as i should.


FO: reduced circumstances

pattern: margaret dashwood shawl by joanna johnson
yarn: ursula’s alcove kettle sock, a gift from the lovely chronographia and her mother, 560 yards (512 meters)
needles: US size 5 (3.75mm), both because ursula’s cove is a tad lighter than the suggested loft, but also because i tend to prefer a slightly firmer stitch.


i fell in love with this pattern the moment i saw it. i’m sure you are all aware by now what a fan i am of jane austen, and period pieces. i also love historical fashion, and the sweet old-fashioned quality of this, while simultaneously transforming easily to the contemporary fashion. for a related post, i bow to the superior scholarship of kate, who recently published a pattern for a similar garment, though the knitting style is quite different: sontag.


this was my on-the-go project for several months. it lends itself well to this, being garter stitch based, one skein, easily memorized repeats. but it stayed in my purse, only to be taken out while waiting for things to happen, or long conversations, so it took awhile to complete it.


when i first began to knit, i was stuck for a very very long time on garter stitch before i really branched out. this had a bit of a whiplash effect once i did branch out, and i disliked garter stitch for feeling rather unrefined, implying a time when i did not know anything else. it took awhile, but i’ve come back around to being fond of it. now i perceive it as a really ‘handknit’ aesthetic.


how about you? any knitting qualities or stitches you stay away from? or have come around to? any strong feeling about garter specifically?







target scarf – thrifted j. crew cardigan – crewcuts chambray
rummaged liz claiborne purse – canvas cords – forever21 yellow shoes

when you’re working with a limited closet, sometimes there are going to be variations on a theme. i love this color combo; pumpkin spice orange, grainy denim, and mustard. it deserves many repetitions.

last night was super excellent. we went to chicago’s ribfest, more for the music than the ribs:

mucca pazza collage

mucca pazza! here, quick, watch this if you can:

stolen from mucca pazza’s youtube channel, click through for source!

the sound quality is not amazing, but it gives you a fabulous idea of their theatricality, energetic, boisterous, engaging quality. jake and i make a point of seeing them when we can, and if you get an opportunity yourself, obviously i would recommend it!

then ribs, some 312, and hanging out with friends! (slightly less picasso-ed in real life than this pic ^_^)



have a great weekend, guys!

so, if you read kessa‘s blog, you will have perhaps noticed that she and i indulged in a swap?

she got her package (a while ago, actually… i’m a little behind in my blogging) so now i can tell you guys all about what i made for her!

FO: rosy fingered dawn

FO: rosy fingered dawn <– ravelry project page
named after homer’s usual description of eos, goddess of dawn, in the odyssey.

pattern: a mash-up of annis and echo flower shawl
yarn: madelinetosh dk in molly ringwald (isn’t that a great name for this sweet pink?), exactly two skeins. i think i had maybe 5 feet of yarn left after binding off this shawl. approximately 450 yards.
needles: US size 9 (5.5mm)

mods: well, obviously, this is true to neither pattern. when i saw elven‘s lothlorien, i just fell head over heels in love with it. so i used the same mods: the crescent shaping and length of annis, and the last two lace charts of echo flower.

it took me a few tries to get the crescent shape where i wanted it to be. in case you guys are trying to do something similar, i added an additional 6 stitches to each row, in the usual manner of the annis shaping, and that got me a gently curved edge that i like. this is such a great, versatile shape. i can imagine picking practically any lace edging from a stitch dictionary and applying it to this shape and having a satisfying result.

FO: rosy fingered dawn

it’s neither here nor there, but when it came time to do my nupps, i got over-excited and made bobbles instead for the entirety of the first row (40 total, i think?). only to facepalm when it came time to purl back. ^_^ ah, well. one row ain’t so terrible.

FO: rosy fingered dawn

this is probably the most color accurate. i loved the quiet peachy tones, but you gotta get right up in the shawls business to see them. they remind me of the color of the inside of a seashell.

the echo flower shawl had a bind off that i hadn’t seen used before, which doubled the yarn and had the knitter purling the bind-off row. if the shawl was knit up in a thinner yarn, lace or fingering weight, and were a low or loose ply, i think this would have the effect of weighing down the edging, and helping it to drape better. i’m not convinced that it will have the same effect with madelinetosh dk, which is sturdy, stout, and tightly plied. but i gave it a go, if for no other reason than novelty.

images of kessa are from her blog, and used with her permission. if you wanna check out what else she got in her package, she blogged it, which is good, considering i totally forgot to document it. ^_^ thanks, kessa!





gap thrifted grey blazer – the defunct marshall fields scarf – j. crew chambray button down – thrifted black skinnies – target booties


more fun with nails: all gunmetal, except my dark dark grey pointer fingers. this gunmetal is my favorite nail polish at the moment. i keep trying it in new combinations with other colors recently.

i wore this outfit to go see anna karenina. more for joe wright than anything else. i love the way that man directs a period movie. and it was flippin’ gorgeous. absolutely stunning. the sets, the costumes, everything. need more convincing? read this review. if your eyeballs want a feast, maybe think about getting them a trip to the cinema.

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