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FO: reduced circumstances

pattern: margaret dashwood shawl by joanna johnson
yarn: ursula’s alcove kettle sock, a gift from the lovely chronographia and her mother, 560 yards (512 meters)
needles: US size 5 (3.75mm), both because ursula’s cove is a tad lighter than the suggested loft, but also because i tend to prefer a slightly firmer stitch.


i fell in love with this pattern the moment i saw it. i’m sure you are all aware by now what a fan i am of jane austen, and period pieces. i also love historical fashion, and the sweet old-fashioned quality of this, while simultaneously transforming easily to the contemporary fashion. for a related post, i bow to the superior scholarship of kate, who recently published a pattern for a similar garment, though the knitting style is quite different: sontag.


this was my on-the-go project for several months. it lends itself well to this, being garter stitch based, one skein, easily memorized repeats. but it stayed in my purse, only to be taken out while waiting for things to happen, or long conversations, so it took awhile to complete it.


when i first began to knit, i was stuck for a very very long time on garter stitch before i really branched out. this had a bit of a whiplash effect once i did branch out, and i disliked garter stitch for feeling rather unrefined, implying a time when i did not know anything else. it took awhile, but i’ve come back around to being fond of it. now i perceive it as a really ‘handknit’ aesthetic.


how about you? any knitting qualities or stitches you stay away from? or have come around to? any strong feeling about garter specifically?


so, if you read kessa‘s blog, you will have perhaps noticed that she and i indulged in a swap?

she got her package (a while ago, actually… i’m a little behind in my blogging) so now i can tell you guys all about what i made for her!

FO: rosy fingered dawn

FO: rosy fingered dawn <– ravelry project page
named after homer’s usual description of eos, goddess of dawn, in the odyssey.

pattern: a mash-up of annis and echo flower shawl
yarn: madelinetosh dk in molly ringwald (isn’t that a great name for this sweet pink?), exactly two skeins. i think i had maybe 5 feet of yarn left after binding off this shawl. approximately 450 yards.
needles: US size 9 (5.5mm)

mods: well, obviously, this is true to neither pattern. when i saw elven‘s lothlorien, i just fell head over heels in love with it. so i used the same mods: the crescent shaping and length of annis, and the last two lace charts of echo flower.

it took me a few tries to get the crescent shape where i wanted it to be. in case you guys are trying to do something similar, i added an additional 6 stitches to each row, in the usual manner of the annis shaping, and that got me a gently curved edge that i like. this is such a great, versatile shape. i can imagine picking practically any lace edging from a stitch dictionary and applying it to this shape and having a satisfying result.

FO: rosy fingered dawn

it’s neither here nor there, but when it came time to do my nupps, i got over-excited and made bobbles instead for the entirety of the first row (40 total, i think?). only to facepalm when it came time to purl back. ^_^ ah, well. one row ain’t so terrible.

FO: rosy fingered dawn

this is probably the most color accurate. i loved the quiet peachy tones, but you gotta get right up in the shawls business to see them. they remind me of the color of the inside of a seashell.

the echo flower shawl had a bind off that i hadn’t seen used before, which doubled the yarn and had the knitter purling the bind-off row. if the shawl was knit up in a thinner yarn, lace or fingering weight, and were a low or loose ply, i think this would have the effect of weighing down the edging, and helping it to drape better. i’m not convinced that it will have the same effect with madelinetosh dk, which is sturdy, stout, and tightly plied. but i gave it a go, if for no other reason than novelty.

images of kessa are from her blog, and used with her permission. if you wanna check out what else she got in her package, she blogged it, which is good, considering i totally forgot to document it. ^_^ thanks, kessa!




thrifted shawl – handmade sweater – hand-me-down pleated skirt – topshop green tights – target shoes

were you getting sick of outfit pictures in my kitchen? ‘cuz i kind of was. so this time they are in a pharmacy! which i would’ve felt weirder about, except we were like the only people there…

i thought i’d try the sweater tuck. i actually tried this with my grey sweater first, but it was too bulky, and this skirt is too fitted. so i swapped to my thinner sweater, and i really like it! this sweater has plenty of drape, so it has a slightly blouse-y effect.


coming soon to ifandany blog:
-the final outfits of this remix!
-including: the one that got away!
-probably kitty pics?


j. crew cardigan
target grey v-neck tee
handmade my shawl, lavendulus marina
used to be my grandma’s black woven belt
j. crew outlet black cords
galleria grey wingtips


i’ve been wearing my little aquamarine necklace for a little while. i tend to put on a necklace, and keep it on for a month or so. this one was a gift from my dad on my 21st birthday. aquamarine is my birthstone.

My creation

i’ve been taking pictures of other peoples knits recently. here’s an outtake from zebraink‘s honey cowl (it’s not up yet, i’ll link to the project when it is).


we were on set at an awesome lab for PoPS for all of these pictures. there were science-y things everywhere.

My creation

the yarn in question: 2 skeins lambs pride superwash worsted in colorway wild honey. approx. 400 yds.

your options are as follows:

a) the sweet november shawl

(you’ve seen this before! it’s juneberrystar‘s version of the sweet november shawl!

b) inro socks
inro knitted socks
(this is my favorite version, knit by and photo property of postscriptlove.)

c) avery cowl
inro knitted socks
(awesome cowl by melissa labarre… it’s great to see such a beautiful pattern of just knit and purls. back to the basics, y’all!)

d) wayfarer scarf
wayfarer knitted scarf

think about it… think long and hard, friends. then cast your vote!

i will check back around midnight next sunday, and who ever has the most votes then wins!

EDIT: thanks for playing, guys! avery is the winner!

on a side note: ikea is going 100% renewable. awesome, possum!

i am far from a movie snob. i watch movies for all kinds of reasons, and sometimes whether or not it’s good is really really far down the list. in the case of catherine hardwicke, the reason i watch is primarily art direction.

so while watching red riding hood, i saw, and became slightly obsessed with, this shawl:

it reminds me of one i modeled for a friend: juneberrystar’s ‘sometime before midnight’, which i fell in love with. there are other shawls in this movie that are only slight variations on the same pattern, but this lovely old gold uber-fringed one has me wanting to go to a yarn store and buy up several skeins of malabrigo/manos del uruguay/madelinetosh or other similarly kettle dyed yarn and cast on immediately.

jake wrote a review, from which i will steal one line: “it seems that their village’s accepted mode of dancing combines 19th century ballroom dance with patty cake and lap dancing”.

’nuff said.


heyo! finally got some blocking done (including my sideways grande cloche). jillie has come back, and was kind enough to take some pictures.

for the record, this shawl was a joy to knit. fun, engaging, intuitive. the body makes for great travel knitting, and the border is lacey fun times!


schmetterling <–ravelry project page

pattern: ulmus
yarn: rio de la plata, in harbor blue (maybe 70% of a skein, these are generous skeins)
and fleece artist nova wool (all of it)
plus just a bit of misti alpaca laceweight in key lime green to finish up the row that the nova wool ended on.
needles: US size 6 (4.0mm)


the body of this shawl was cast on and knit up in germany. i started in on the lace section on the plane ride home, and finished it back stateside… so international! this blocked out huge! this is definitely the biggest shawl i have ever made. i tend to stay away from projects with a higher yardage… i don’t know why, honestly. maybe just thinking about the time commitment turns me off?

the only mod i made was a very common one. i knit the last row and the bind off row in the contrasting color. i planned to do this because the yardage on the rio de la plata was so much more generous. and then i ran out of the nova wool two and a half rows before the end of the chart, so it worked out beee-oo-tifully!


huzzah for an FO. and i got to use up a few skeins of yarn for their intended purpose! i’ve never been a yard tracker for de-stashing… my methods are pretty loose. de-stash until i can put everything away again. and since i just bought some yarn in germany… oh yeah, i should totally tell you guys about that, hey?

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