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j. crew cardigan thrifted belt forever21 skirt that used to be a dress bertie’s thrifted

i did actually wear the cardigan backwards for a few hours, but the back of the neck rises up a little bit, and it was touching my throat, and i could only deal with that for a few hours. i really don’t like things touching my throat. we all have things, right? anybody else with me? i think i only own one turtleneck for this reason. i still like the idea of a the backwards cardigan, though, so i might give it another shot with a different cardigan?

i’m surprised it took this long for this skirt to make it into the rotation. i love jersey skirts in the summer. like several other skirts i own, this one used to be a dress. a dress that let a little more of my business out into the world than i am generally comfortable with. but i loved the calico pattern. so i chopped off the very (very very) low cut bodice, which also effectively lowered the hemline, and voila! super comfy jersey skirt!


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