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last FO post from my 2012 knits. only a few weeks late, no biggie! i only finished it in march! of 2012! and these pictures were taken in december!

colorblock cowl

FO: colorblock cowl <– ravelry project page

pattern: angora snood
yarn: wolle rodel kid-mohair, 4 skeins (one lilac, 2 purple, 1 blue), 440 yards (total. each skein is 110 yards)
needles: US size 6 (4mm)


the yarn was a present from my grandparents, who brought it back from a trip to southern germany.





isn’t the halo the funnest thing to photograph when it comes to mohair?


welcome to round 2 of quick knits leading up to the holidays! if you are anything like me, and knitting pairs of things means you need to knit something in between the first and the second, you should probably start working on your pairs now! thusly, it is time for the mitts!

[annepaalandet‘s mitts; worsted weight yarn, less than 200 yards, on size US 6 (4mm) & US 7 (4.5mm) needles.]

pattern is in the blogpost in the original norwegian, or, for those of you who don’t read/speak norwegian, translated care of google. the translation is a bit rough, but between the translation and the pictures, you can get all of the info you need. i have faith in you! anne is working on translating the pattern, and i will update this post as soon as it becomes available! (free free free!)
these are awesome and basic mitts. the nice thing about such basic mitts? you can modify them any which way you want! toss some cables on those puppies! how about stripes? embroider initials or flowers. or duplicate stitch some polka dots on the stockinette body (ooh, i want those!). sew a couple of buttons that serve no purpose but add a little style! or, heck, toss a random offset buttonhole near the edge of the ribbing, and give your buttons some function! why not?

[sushipie‘s hornet mitts; worsted, less than 200 yards on US 5 (3.75mm)]

bramble mitts (free!)
for those of you who get the cable urge, but don’t feel like going to the fuss of figuring it out yourself! feeling a little pressed for time? shave off a repeat at the beginning and save some yarn.

[redribbonfox‘s latte mitts & blog post; worsted, around 200 yards, on US 5 (3.75mm)]

susie’s reading mitts (totally free-stylin’! as a quick note: this project was made using an archived version of the pattern, but the pattern link is to the current version.)
love these mitts. they are the perfect mix of engaging and mindless. they start out with a fun picot edge, transition to a bit of easy stockinette, and end with the same fun edge.

[lolotte1409‘s plomb mitts, sport, 210 yards on US 4 (3.5mm)]

dustland mitts. $6 (USD).
i love these textured gender neutral mitts. these are another one, where if you are feeling pressed for time, or unsure if you have enough yarn, you could subtract anywhere from 1 to 5 of the different textured stripes from the arm.

[antler mittens; aran, around 200 yards on US 8 (5mm)]

antler mittens ($5 CAD).
excellent gender neutral cozy cabled mittens, for those of you who like over the finger coverage (nothing like grabbing the steering wheel in a cold car that has sat out overnight to make you want finger coverage!)

want some more suggestions? try last years post on quick knits: mitts & mittens. or, if nothing has caught your fancy yet, check out zombie vixen (free pattern, for your cousin/brother/niece who llllllloves the walking dead), muckle mitts ($5 USD for some colorwork fun), straightforward mitts (free, with a fun undulating twisted rib pattern), the woodsy association ($10 for 5 different options. make the badger ones for a hufflepuff friend!).

did i miss any of your favorite go-to quickly knit mitt patterns? share in the comments! thanks to all the knitters who were so accommodating with permission for me to show their work!

FO: my mysterious oceanic soul

FO: my mysterious oceanic soul <–ravelry project page

pattern: raglan seamless sweater by elizabeth zimmermann from knitting workshop. though it’s also published in the opinionated knitter, which i also own. so it was a pretty arbitrary decision.
yarn: berroco ultra alpaca fine in turquoise mix, around 2.5 skeins, or 1100ish yards.
needles: US size 2’s, or 2.75 mms

FO: my mysterious oceanic soul

other details: since the pattern is really more of a… recipe, or loose equation, it’s very easy to modify it in almost any way. i chose three quarter length sleeves and a v-neck. i meant for the v-neck to be a little more plunging, but it can be hard to tell where it’s gonna end up. i split the knitting for the neckline about an inch or two above where i connected the sleeves, if that helps anyone. i did some shaping to bring it in for my waist, since i fall firmly into the category popularly known as ‘pear-shaped’, but i didn’t add any bust shaping.

FO: my mysterious oceanic soul

ah, this sweater… it only took me two years to complete it! that’s a fairly inaccurate view of it, though.

i have a problem where i will fall in love with a knit, and forge ahead into making it without ever stopping to think if the finished product would suit me. do any of you guys do that? or impulse purchase something aesthetically pleasing only to bring it home and think ‘apple green corduroy pea-coat, you have no place in my wardrobe!’ (true story) anyways, that is the origin story of this sweater. i saw the plain and simple pullover by veera and thought ‘cute!’, and cast on. it wasn’t until i’d already swatched, done loads and loads of math, and knit up a skeins worth of body that i thought, ‘wait! is this something i can see myself wearing?’ and the answer was, of course ‘no.’ i desire sleeves more than a voluminous neck for my warmth needs. and the shaping of this would make me feel frumpy in my body type. i’ll leave it to the lithe types.

so it got shelved for around a year and a half while i mulled over what to do about it, before finally settling on the seamless raglan sweater.

FO: my mysterious oceanic soul

the sweater has been done for several weeks now, but we’ve also been in the middle of the hottest summer on record for several weeks (classic eliza- cut my hair short in the winter, grow it out in the summer, finish woolly sweaters in july and silky camisoles in february. i’m nothing if not contrary. i always desire ice cream around the first snow, too.), but in the last week it has finally dipped to a reasonable temperature outside,so i was able to take FO shots without being hospitalized for heat stroke! whew.

it’s no secret that i love to knit hats. they are probably my absolute favorite item to knit. as long as you don’t choose a crazy difficult pattern (or gauge), you can finish a hat in 1-3 days, which makes it a good choice for this close to the gifting holiday.

annepaalandet‘s wood hollow hat.

love the pom poms! this one is fairly gender neutral. in fact, the two wood hollow hats i’ve knit have both been for dudes.

knittingma‘s felicity (free pattern!)

nothing like simple stockinette to showcase a gorgeous yarn. in this case, handspun.

traceynicole‘s opus spicatum (this pattern is free!)

need to toss some colorwork in here, right? i think this pattern is pretty gender neutral, too. who doesn’t like herringbone? and it’s only really the blocking that makes this slouchy. if you just blocked it flat, it’d be more of a beanie style hat. also, i think it’d look pretty cute with a pom-pom…

chronographia‘s pearls and fairy lights (from tinyowlknits orchids and fairy lights)

a little more on the feminine side. so, so pretty. and who doesn’t love an excuse to knit bobbles every now and again? (although, what i’m really looking for is an excuse to knit the deer with little antlers hat. i don’t have quite enough day-to-day whimsy to justify it for myself. maybe for a kid? oh! with imogene’s antlers?)

westknits‘s windschief (as worn by the creator!).

another gender neutral knit, and more of a proper beanie than the rest of them. fabulously simple with a great twist. and chronographia says it is hands down the fastest thing she’s ever knit! which maybe means i should’ve waited til next week to use it…

only one quick knits left, guys! happy holiday knitting!

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