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celia’s socks are done! whoo!

deets: cloudy with a chance for celia <–ravelry project page

pattern: glynis from cookie a’s sock innovation
yarn: knit one, crochet too’s crock-o-dye in pewter (it’s a generous skein of yarn, i still have some left. i think i used somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 yds for these)
needles: US size 1 metal addi circulars
mods: the legs are a couple of repeats shorter than the pattern. i did six repeats before working on the heel.


gosh, i originally started these eons ago. i tried to do the sunshine pattern from cookie a’s sock innovation. the problem with that was two-fold. i was knitting them on little wooden size 0 dpns, which were very slender and bendy. and there were cables, which made the fabric i was knitting even tighter. basically, i thought i was going to snap my needles, which made for tense knitting.


so i switched patterns to the glynis socks from the same book, and swapped out the dpns for metal circulars. in the long run, this made for smoother knitting. at the beginning, though, when i was done knitting the cuff, i kept trying to start the pattern using the wrong chart. i had to rip out several times before i actually took the time to look at the pattern to see what i was getting wrong.


i also dropped a stitch on the sole of the first sock, and didn’t notice for about 20 rows. you can see it in the photo above, there’s a slight puckering on the top sock (i didn’t manage to pick up a stitch for every one of the twenty rows), but it blocked out okay.


celia’s feet are smaller than my own, and therefore the sock blockers i usually use would stretch them out considerably. i bent two wire hangers into smaller blockers, using mine as a shape guide, and sent them on to the recipient, so that her socks can dry prettily.


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