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As you know, I’ve been trying (and trying) to de-stash, and work down the amount of yarn I own. But it takes time to knit a stash away, and it takes significantly less time to acquire yarn. I’ve really tried to be good, but my will has wavered a few times in the face of temptation.

And today is Thanksgiving, so I want to say thanks to you guys! So I want to offer to you:


This beautiful cherry colored yarn, DK weight, approximately 800 yards. It’s Louisa Harding Kimono Angora, but not the original colorway. I got this yarn 5 years ago, and about 4 years ago, I overdyed it from it’s original browns, cream and grey to it’s current cherries & garnets. This soft is as soft as yarn gets. It is 70% angora, 25% merino, and 5% nylon. The angora makes it cheek-rubbing delightfully soft, and the merino and nylon are really just there to hold the yarn together. There’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 yards here, so it could be a sweater!


The pros: have I mentioned the softness?

The cons: because this is primarily angora, it is just a bit delicate. Remember when I accidentally tore a hole in my fresh FO? That cowl was the same yarn. But unless you’re a violent knitter, I don’t think this is an issue. Just something to be aware of.


In a few days I’ll post a few of the things I had contemplated knitting with this yarn, in case you want some inspiration.

Anyways. Want approximately 800 yards of luscious DK weight angora yarn? Here’s what you do: leave a comment on this post that has the words “YARN ME” somewhere in it. And tell me (if you feel like it, not required at all) what you’ve been daydreaming about knitting recently.

Contest will close Wednesay, December 3 at 11:59pm, and I’ll do a random number generator to find the winner!


i spent last week in ireland! if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you are probably already aware! i went with my grandma rita and my aunt karen, and we:

At the flea market in Dublin. One day in Ireland, one skein of Irish yarn purchased.

went to the dublin flea market

At the top of Guinness! Exhausted and about to have a beer!

guiness factory. (obvo)

#nofilter Dublin last night

went out late at night for curry chips, and on the way saw the bank of ireland. by late i mean like 8:30. but we were jet lagged, so it felt laaaaaaaaaaate.

And just for good measure, here's my view while drinking coffee this morning!

enjoyed the view from costa coffee while falling in love with their lattes.

Just gorgeous is all. (In Galway)

breathed in the salty fresh air in galway.

The Cliffs of Moher rocked my entire dang world.

took a day trip to the cliffs of moher.


went to cork.

And THIS is what I accomplished this afternoon! #nofilter #hedgehogfibers #yarnaholic

bought some yarn!

Well played, Ireland!

visited blarney castle.

Tea time!

and enjoyed tea and scones!

more info to come. this trip was amazing, we ate so much really insanely good food, our hotels and b&b’s were lovely, i took some pics of a yarn shop, so hopefully, as i’m sorting through photos, i’ll be sharing all of that with you!


my grandma found these at an estate sale recently! i’m ashamed to say when i first saw them, i originally thought they were mismatched marachas, and i picked them up to shake them. mais non! they are old darning eggs! and i’ve been using them a fair amount since i got them, as recently i’ve been doing bits of mending in between knitting projects.


coolree, fingering weight, 50/50 merino/silk, 400 m/437 yards

in our mini early christmas celebration while emi was here, i received this beautiful skein of irish yarn. her method of yarn shopping for me is very effective, and amuses me greatly. apparently, she enters a yarn shop and asks for their rarest yarn, one that couldn’t be found elsewhere. which has yielded a skein of yarn from a sheep that lived within throwing distance from where emi purchased it, and in this case, an indie dyer from county wexford!


kate wright designs, pashm, dk, 80/10/10 merino/nylon/cashmere, 200 yards

my cousins drive through viroqua, wisconsin yielded this gorgeous skein of yarn for me! the yarn shop is ewetopia fiber shop for the curious. this lovely skein seems destined to be some lovely mitts! this yarn company is new to me, but i love the variegation, and sara picked a skein for herself in a beautiful wheat-y gold brown.


not strictly fiber related, but i certainly reach for measuring devices to gauge my progress or check my gauge frequently while knitting. this little collapsible ruler is from a favorite antique shop in galena.

and lastly:


noro silk garden sock, fingering, wool/silk/nylon/mohair, 656 yards

we were in northwestern illinois with family for the thanksgiving weekend, and went to dubuque, iowa for an afternoon. we popped into yarn soup, which was really lovely. this cream/natural colorway of noro silk garden is one i routinely check for at every yarn shop i go to. for the most part i’m over the super bright striping that noro has to offer, except for this colorway. i can’t even remember the last time i’ve seen it on the shelf. but this time my routine check yielded results! i don’t know what it will be, but now i can start dreaming about it!

any exciting new yarns making their way to you? have you mistaken non-musical objects as percussion instruments before?

i keep forgetting to take pictures of the exteriors of the yarn stores i visit. i’m just so excited to see the yarn on the way in, and i’m usually juggling purchases on the way out. but, in this case i did get a picture of their extra awesome open sign as i approached yarn & coffee:


crochet & cross-stitch, how cool is that?! i really appreciate this interesting use of materials. it’s only natural to display finished products made with the materials that the yarn store sells, but i love getting to see fresh approaches, and this was definitely a new one for me!


although i’ve visited sante fe several times, this is the first yarn store i’ve ever been to there. it was a bit tricky to find, being located in the back of a building facing the street it belonged to by name.


i only really have a limited number of things to say about good yarn stores, even though it should be the inverse. my main goal in writing about yarn stores in my travels is in case other crafty people are looking for good yarn stores during their travels.

but the yarn selection was good at yarn & coffee. i really appreciate it when a yarn store has diversity in their price points. not every crafter can afford $20 skeins for their projects, especially if they are larger projects. but it’s always nice to have some higher end selection as well, for a little splurge yarn. visit their website for more details and a list of brands carried.

they also had a cute selection of notions, mostly related to the craft, but a few cute tote bags and gifties. i didn’t get a picture of that, of course…


the proprietress was very nice, she answered many questions, directed me to the area they kept more local and artisan yarns, graciously allowed me to take pictures, and even told me to check out the yarn store in albuquerque. (the chronology on this here blog has been just awful this summer. i hope you can forgive me, and that i’m not confusing you too much by flitting around randomly depending on my mood.)

i can’t speak on the coffee aspect of yarn & coffee, as i did not partake of it. but what did i end up bringing home from yarn & coffee?

this absolutely scrummy skein of dream in color smooshy (with cashmere!)


how beautiful is that color? so rich and autumnal!

and this skein of woolly wanka fibers nimue sock, in colorway ‘winterfell’:


you’ve seen it before (twice, actually), and these socks i started in new mexico are still *this close* to being done (it’s weird, it’s like if i don’t pick them up to finish them, they don’t just naturally finish themselves).

i mentioned a meetup very briefly yesterday. for those of you who know about me through solely knitting venues, i’m also heavily involved in the creation of a webseries, the platoon of power squadron. we have a smallish (by youtube standards) but fantastically loyal following. when we were in london, we had our first meetup ever, which was kind of scary (beforehand), and pretty fantastic (during and after).

anyways, it doesn’t frequently happen that PoPS world and my knitting world overlap, but one of the girls who came to the meetup brought me a lovely fiber-y present!

she brought me a skein of her own handspun! (i’m thinking rikke, perhaps? i definitely want to do the handspun justice!)

a gift from a friend!

we had a mini tweet conversation a couple weeks ago when, as you may remember, i accidentally tore a hole in a freshly finished cowl, and i tweeted my frustration and self-pity, and she discovered that i do not own a darning mushroom.

gift from a friend!

thank you, kim!!!

in case you’re curious, she has a blog: art equals happy, and she sells her handspun and some of her illustration work (i really like her postcards!). check it out!

FO: Stockholm Cowl

i finished this cowl… a little while ago now. sometimes i am a bad blogger, what can i say?

but let me tell you a story! it starts with this yarn, four(ish) skeins of which were gifted to me several years ago:

this colorway? not so much for me. but, oh, if you could feel this yarn! (it’s 70% angora, 25% merino, and 5% nylon) you would understand why i couldn’t give it away. so it stayed, languishing in my stash, uninspiring to look at but so so divinely soft…

and then last autumn, i was overdying a pair of jeans (still need to do round two with those!) and i stuck this yarn in, because a dunk to darken it up & mute the colors a little definitely couldn’t hurt it in my estimation!


and then it only took me practically a year to start knitting up the intended project! for an eliza timeline, that actually isn’t too bad…

FO: Stockholm Cowl

stockholm cowl <– ravelry project page

pattern: stockholm cowl by knitted bliss
yarn: louisa harding kimono, a little over 4 skeins, 500+ yards
needles: US Size 9

FO: Stockholm Cowl

i knit this up pretty verbatim to the pattern. i followed the notes to knit it up seamless and in the round. this pattern is fantastic! it is the perfect mix of easy to memorize and interesting to knit.

FO: Stockholm Cowl

and then, of course, there was the drama of tearing a hole in it while it was blocking. but it’s all fixed and done now! huzzah!

OR: what i got!

look what ness made me:

Ness's Mitts

pretty pretty mitts! (ravelry project page, ness’s blog post)

Ness's Mitts

the lavender-grey-blue is the yarn what made me swoon, by the way. it’s madelinetosh tosh dk in ‘steam age’, and it might possibly be *perfect*! the alternating stripes are fangrrl yarn sherlock worsted in buckwheat, which ness recently waxed poetic about, so i was very flattered that she would use that yarn for me!


ness also threw in some nail toys for me, knowing the massive crush on coral that i’ve been nursing this year, as well as my penchant for fancy nails! can’t wait to try them! as soon as i get decent-ish results, i shall shares pictures!!!!

thank you, ness!

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