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colorblock rikke, bitsy & bobbsy (II), mistake rib hat

21 finished objects: 13 hats, 2 sweaters, 2 scarves, 1 cowl, 1 pair of mitts, 1 pair of socks, 1 toy. a slightly ridiculous amount of hats. an unprecedented amount of sweaters. 1,561 yards, though that is a very approximate conjecture. as opposed to last years 16 finished objects: 4 cowls, 4 hats, 2 mitts, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of slippers, 1 pair of legwarmers, 1 camisole, 1 sweater, 1 baby blanket. so less diversity than last year, but more FO’s.

rosy fingered dawn, honey block hat, belafonte

goals for 2012:
publish one pattern
knit one sweater (doesn’t have to be for me!)
finish 20 knits
knit for pleasure
knit selfish
go back to spinning. maybe 6 skeins?

with an olive, winter is coming, bough

welp. i failed at a few of those. no patterns published, as i never could choose one to start pursuing! and i didn’t spin 6 skeins, though i did actually start making headway on that goal! i think i got 2 skeins spun up? but the balance on my spinning wheel got a little wonky, and i still need to get that looked at.

what the frack-tal, reduced circumstances, pops hat

but i accomplished more goals than not! 21 FO’s, one more than i hoped for! 2 sweaters! knitting for pleasure and knitting selfishly. this was kind of a big deal for me. in 2012 i experienced a bit of… knitting malaise. primarily due to taking on projects i did not have enough interest in. so i tried to be more careful about the projects i took on this year. i tried to make sure that even when i was knitting for others, that i was making choices consistent with what i wanted to be making. and it worked out! i’m still knitting a little less than i used to. but my peak was when i spent a minimum of 10 hours on a train every week. i don’t commute by train anymore. and now that i’m more active in the producing of PoPS, i don’t know that i can expect my output to equal those heights. and that’s okay. it’s just an adjustment.

stripey magee, tinker bell mitts, el pescador

this next year:
– de-stash. i want to have a stash that inspires me, not weighs me down. i don’t mind how i de-stash. it doesn’t all need to be knit up, i can donate, gift away, whatever. right now my ravelry stash claims i have 93 yarns in my stash. let’s aim for… 85 by next year? i would also like it all to fit in the closet i have allocated for it.
– try a new technique. i made a toy for the first time this year! one of the things i love love love about having knitting as my favorite hobby is that there are always new ways to challenge yourself, to learn more. if there’s a ceiling to what you can know about knitting, i’ve never glimpsed it! that said, i certainly can get sucked into remaining in my comfort zone. so this year, i want to make sure there’s at least one adventure! maybe brioche stitch? i’ve never done that. or stranded colorwork with more than 2 colors per row? maybe it’s time to get over my intarsia aversion?
– work from some new designers. while i was doing the round up, i realized how many designers i admire but haven’t knit from! so i’d like to try at least one design by joji and alicia. i’ve admired both of their styles for quite a long time now, but never made anything they’ve designed!

once upon a midnight dreary, ne me quitte pas, sloe berries

and i’m keeping the following:
– knit 20 objects. this is just a goal, not a resolution. i’d be happy with less, if they were a little larger in scope this next year.
– keep spinning. i was really loving getting back to it before i got interrupted.

slow news day, turn a square, clean slate cowl

i think that’s plenty to accomplish, honestly! i wouldn’t mind publishing another pattern, but i’m still not sure which one to pursue, so i’m not going to toss it on the official list. what did you knit this year? which was your favorite project? are you making any goals for the new year?


the time has come again! 2012 is in its infancy, and i’m taking a look at what i accomplished in 2011.

toast at the seaside,waldo, sr, oops, what just happened here

i made some strides in terms of knitting. i finished several long term, slightly larger scale projects. jake’s big bear beast sweater was kind of huge for me, and it took me over a year from cast on to cast off (and still isn’t 100%…). also kind of a big deal was my urban bolero, which i began reverse engineering three years ago (three!). it was a lot of math and a lot of charts, which is why it was easy to put down and a bit of headache to pick up. so i’m really proud that i finally finished it.

phoenix eternal, rain on bricks, urban bolero

stash-busting: 25 of these projects were knit out of my stash. i am including remnants of the day in that count, because despite the fact that i bought one skein of yarn for it, i used every inch of that skein in the project. the rest that weren’t knit out of my stash were commissioned knits, and i either didn’t own yarn to their specifications, or the commissioner’s bought the yarn for their projects.

My creation
heart of a nation, flames, flames at the side of my face

i’ve been stash-busting for the majority of the year. part of that means that i’ve knit several projects that have been in my mind for eons, like sideways and schmetterling. but somehow i have managed to sneak a good bit of yarn into my stash without ever buying from a local yarn store. i’ve pulled apart thrifted sweaters, and helped others by taking some of their overflowing stash, and i certainly never turned down gifted yarn. and EVERYONE knows it doesn’t count when you buy yarn on vacation. so while my intentions were good, and i have totally managed to not spend much money on yarn this year, you would never be able to tell by looking at my stash.

enter-stage right-parakeet, wild honey

the projects that were the most fun during and after were lavendulus marina, rain on bricks, remnants of the day, and oops, what just happened here. lots of fun to knit, and i’m so so pleased with all of the finished objects.

lumberjack’s delight, remnants of the day, big bear beast

2011 was kind of a big deal. at the end of 2010, i switched from livejournal to wordpress, which probably didn’t effect most of you guys in terms of my blog, but for me it was huge. the structure and organization of wordpress has been huge in making blogging easier and more enjoyable for me. i meant to do a big shebang for my wordpress changeover blogiversary, but when it passed, i was in the middle of about umpteen things. i may still do a belated changeover blogiversary. but only if i can think of a snappier name. stay tuned.

sideways, schmetterling

i finally published a pattern! huzzah! it wasn’t duck duck goose, as i had intended, but that ship has sailed, and i was pleased to not have to worry about those troublesome decreases anymore. it was, in fact, one of the easiest patterns of ever. but it turned out that’s a good place to start! i’d like to keep going and publish some more patterns this year.

fancy boy lip glitter, choose your own adventure #1, der waffle hat

this year, for the first time in my life, i made it off my home continent. traveling (especially to europe) has been a dream of mine for as long as i can remember, and this year i finally got to start chipping away at turning all of my dream travels into reality travels. (i don’t really have a specific post about germany, but here are all of my pictures!)

purple cowboy, i am a jelly donut, hey, princess!

this year i also started blogging about my outfits. it’s something that had been quietly lurking in the back of my thoughts for a long time without any real impetus. but when a friend introduced me to kendi, and she started her summer 30 for 30 (maybe her last? there hasn’t been a word about it recently), i jumped aboard. i did a summer 30 for 30, and one in the fall as well. (i’m thinking i’ll do another in jan/feb, per-maybe-haps?)

dark grey
smoke & daggers (that’s right, i totally owe you an FO post for that one! pending, my dears.), slippers for the rustic man, nemesis!

in summation:
27 finished knits this year. honestly, the technical number is higher. there’s multiple projects that i have completely knit up and and bound off on. but some of those are bound for frogging, and some of them need a little more work and a photoshoot before they are done. i was feeling a little sad about how low my FO number was until i remembered that.
1 pattern published.
no sweater knit for myself.

light grey
grey goose, lavendulus marina, julie’s chapeau

-i would like to publish two more patterns in 2012.
-i’m just gonna keep saying it until it happens: i want to knit myself a sweater.

what about you guys? what are you happy/proud to have accomplished in 2011? what are your 2012 goals? dish.

all right, 2012. bring it on!

FO's of 2010
(left to right, row by row)
1. saroyan/baktus mashup
2. parrot fruit
3. moss mitts
4. lost socks
5. solace
6. harry!
7. showing my geek stripes
8. simon
9. botany of friendship
10. big sky
11. midnight hollow
12. clover honey
13. buttoned garter mitts
14. gothick spires
15. kissing snails
16. kaylie
17. bloomin garden
18. hocus pocus opus spicatum
19. broham jr
20. sleigh rides & snowball fights
21. pigwidgeon
22. papa’s got a brand new hat
23. mondo cozy
24. martha’s shadow mitts
25. maikke’s hat
26. double aspect
27. take two
28. green s(leaves)
29. bits & bobs
30. as the leaves begin to fall

30 finished objects from 2010. down from 32 last year (i can live with that).

i like small projects. i don’t know why. maybe it’s the speed with which they can be finished? maybe it’s because they never physically get too awkwardly large to knit? maybe it’s because i’m afraid that if a large project doesn’t turn out well, i will be proportionately disappointed? i only made five projects this year that required multiple skeins (i’m excluding colorwork in this definition).

i am disappointed to report that none of my knitting related goals got finished this year. i got one pattern ready to publish (duck duck goose), only to find out that my decreases as i wrote them were… problematic at best for other knitters. that still needs some ironing out. the only sweater-like thing i made was big sky, which i liked quite a bit, but i didn’t make it for me, so i didn’t keep it.

my personal goal did get achieved, however! i got my passport (finally! i’ve been dilly-dallying around on that for years!) and got myself out of the country for a few days.

i’m going to maintain last years knitting goals until such a time as they actually come to fruition. by the end of 2010, i hope to publish at least one of my patterns. and i would like to make myself a sweater. one i would actually wear.

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