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Monthly Archives: July 2009

princepessa just had her birthday! not too very long ago she and i went to loopy yarns, where she found and fell in love with some handmaiden fine yarn cashbah sock. and who can blame her?

purrless senegal parrots

just over a month ago i cast on for a purlless monkey with her yarn and whipped it up no problem. easy peezy lemon squeezy. i was knitting along on the second one, making pretty good time and thinking to myself in a very self-satisfied manner that i would actually have a finished knit to give her on her birthday, rather than really really really late (my usual MO). i should really know better than to get too smug. it always ends up badly for me.

purrless senegal parrots

(contrasting heel and toe in blue moon socks that rock mediumweight in lodestone, leftover from my meida’s socks)

so of course… i lost the first sock. it disappeared! i had no idea where it went. i tore around the house searching and making fretful noises for days. i gave up. i thought it was lost, and i was worrying about how i wouldn’t be able to make a third sock from the ball of yarn…

purrless senegal parrots

but then it was found! under the drivers seat of a friends car. weird, eh?

purrless senegal parrots

ravelry project page

pattern: monkey by cookie a
yarn: handmaiden fine yarn casbah sock
needles: size 1 (US) addi turbo circulars

mods: in order to maximize the smaller amount of socks that rock mediumweight that i had left, i did an extra repeat of the pattern and decreased the toe really quickly. and oh yeah! no purls. i skipped those.

all the monkeys all in one place

because i had my butterscotch monkeys on, and some new heels, i joined princepessa and we took an all monkeys and heels pic! thanks to juneberrystar for picture taking!


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