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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Short Story: I started grad school and suddenly I can’t even accomplish most of the things I want to, much less need to. Expect blogging to be bumpy for the foreseeable future. I’m sorry friends, but I know you’re cool and you’ll get it!

In the mean time, here’s some things that I’ve been enjoying recently.

OMG it’s a Pusheen backpack, I can’t even stand how cute it is! I can’t stand it!

Coconut La Croix! That coconut water phase last year? I didn’t get it. And I tried. But Coconut La Croix? I’m OBSESSED. We just went out of town for a week, and I daydreamed about Coconut La Croix the entire time. #truestory

These insanely gorgeous cowls from woollen flower. In my daydreamy imagination I’ve been toying with the idea of what I could accomplish if I got a knitting machine. It’s really a terrible idea, I don’t even remotely have time to learn a new skill set and embark on a new hobby. But that idea is hanging out at the back of my mind, tickling me… In the mean time, I might work on knitting a hat based off of these…

Ms. Marvel! Oh, heart eyes all the way for this. I would qualify myself as a ‘comics dabbler’ at the very most. I don’t think I’ve really read any for several years, but I kept hearing about how gooooooood the Ms. Marvel reboot is, and I’m here to say: It’s SO GOOD. There are so so many things to love about this. From the cultural standpoint, I’m super excited the the lead is a strong capable female, muslim American where her faith is just a thing that exists, not a plotline for contention. From a story perspective, it’s just fun fun fun watching a nerdy girl figure out her powers with quippy writing and wonderful visuals. I contemplated dressing as Kamala for Halloween, but I ended up as hipster Snow White because I already owned all the elements (the only thing I’m really lacking is any piece of clothing with a lightning bolt on it, and I didn’t have time to throw that together. Though, honestly, that’s all you’d need for a Kamala costume.)

Is it too much for me to assume that likely all of you are as interested in colors as I am? This Radiolab episode is allllll about colors, scientifically and historically! It’s so good I’ve listened to it twice! I promise you’ll crack a smile at the choral arrangement that celebrates the Mantis Shrimp’s amazing ability to see colors we can only dream of.

Tell me about you! What’s going on? How’s life? What have you been obsessed with recently?


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