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FO Friday! w00t!

FO: nemesis

FO: nemesis <–ravelry project page
pattern: star crossed slouchy beret (free pattern)
yarn: berroco ultra alpaca tonal in fumar (6345), around 175 yards
needles: US 6 (4mm) for the brim, US 8 (5mm) for the body.

FO: nemesis

thoughts & mods: i did my usual little roll brim of three rows of stockinette before beginning a k2, p1 ribbing. i’ve used this pattern before, but i’m not sure i’ve ever actually followed it. i just use the chart and fill in the rest how i like it. but i think it makes a great little slouchy hat.

FO: nemesis

made for tessa! named after this kate beaton comic, and they are my favorite star crossed pair. if you need another link to click, then go look at tessa’s cats, because they are so adorable and i will steal them. from two thousand miles away.

tessa has promised us pretty pictures of her wearing her hat, which i will hold her to, but thanks to mimi for being an interim model!



target- cardigan, jeggings
j crew- thrifted grey shirt, boots
gift- robot necklace


elbow patches! robot necklace! as far as i’m concerned, any outfit that has these will be an automatic win!


another crafty task recently accomplished:


jake managed to burn two holes through his flannel on set the other day, trying to darken a pesky light they couldn’t turn off. fortunately it’s one of those higher quality flannel shirts with a double layer of cloth on the back yoke, so i snipped out the inside fabric to patch the holes. i don’t mend often or very well, but this is one of his favorites.


FO: slippers for the rustic man <–ravelry project page
pattern: nola’s slipper socks (the pattern is about halfway down)
yarn: macauslands woolen mills 3-ply fine, held double. had to just barely dip into a third skein of yarn for the very end, so i used approx. 310 yards.
needles: US size 9, 5.5 mm


i got inspired by my own quick knits post to make these slippers. they looked so fab and rustic for a man like my father-in-law. he’s a maker of things himself. i got his review last night, after dinner. he said the soles are nice and cushy, it feels like walking on carpet.


the yarn is scratchy as can be and i told mike as much, so he can wear socks with them. the knitting on these went fast, and they are knit flat and then seamed, which (as usual) i dragged my feet on. but we got them to him on time, so it doesn’t really matter.



this year i tried to use mostly recycled materials for gift wrapping. newspaper, seasonal paper shopping bags, leftover postcards (i like postcards, but i never send them…), scrap yarn, or reused wrapping materials.


the tree has never really reached a state of completion. we just keep adding things to it. some silver tinsel garlands… and then i decided to make the owl more seasonal and made a leetle silver pipe cleaner halo.

i have a hard time figuring out what to wear to certain kinds of events… cocktail parties, weddings, church on christmas eve. i stress about it. so here, for my own records, is what i wore to to church on christmas eve this year:

(forgive the photo quality. it was the evening part of christmas eve.)

gifts both necklaces
target grey cardigan
jones new york ruffly blouse from eons ago
forever21 belt
j crew, thrifted grey wool skirt
h&m tights
it’s a mystery! boots
dkny, thrifted my seasonally bright green coat

we were watching nativity! on christmas day and i saw these cute fingerless mitts. you can almost always count on british films to have abundant knits and woolies!

they’d be easy enough to make. the market mitts from my mitts quick knits would do just fine! so would some toasties, for that matter! one skein as the base color, and a little leftover yarn from some other project for the edges. i’ve been loving that tiny edge that a little contrast provides (as you may know from the cowl i made recently. and on pinterest in these mittens, and i’ve also been loving the dipped quality of these mitts and these mittens)

oh noes! it’s the last quick knits! today we have last minute knits… some of them might will be on and off the needle before you know it, and some of them might be better to knit to the colin firth pride and prejudice. but as far as projects go, these are some of the fastest.

katerrific‘s bandana cowl (bandana cowl is a free pattern!)

this one has been making the rounds on ravelry, and for good reason. a little bit of chunky yarn, and you’re in business!

jadeblade‘s my kinda cowl (my kinda town cowl is a free pattern!)

i was going to use my mondo neck cozy, because it has to be the fastest thing i have ever knit. it took maybe three hours from start to finish. but the pattern isn’t available online. my kinda town cowl is online, it’s free, and it’s very similar!

medvssa‘s baby smush keepsake (stjarna is a free pattern!)

maybe a little star ornament? as a special touch hung around the neck of a bottle of wine? for the christmas tree of a couple celebrating their first christmas together?

knatty1‘s spa day facecloth (free pattern!)

knit up a quick facecloth, pair with your favorite product from lush, or a fancy handmade soap? that present is lovely and personal!

KGS‘s extended autumn

a little bulky, a little slouchy, and very simple.

there’s many many more, like oversized bow (free!), bunny nuggets (free!), twisted ear warmer, fidget and i could go on and on. good luck finding the right knit for your recipient!

happy solstice, y’all! this concludes my holiday quick knits series. what’d you think? did you enjoy as much as i did? cuz i had a lot of fun!

i made this pair of mitts for jake in 2008:


i think he has loved these better than anything else i have made him.


three winters of near constant wear and abuse. i think it might be time to make him a new pair. it makes me happy that these are so well loved.


this time, i will knit them in something other than malabrigo worsted. soft as it is, malabrigo is single ply, very feltable, and not terribly hard wearing.

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