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second hand scarf, cardigan, belt, vintage coach purse, bean boots – j. crew striped shirt – gap navy skinnies

a good transition outfit. layers that are light but warm, easy to take off and put on in the fluctuating temperatures. this scarf was my absolute go-to this winter. it’s neutral, huge without being heavy, and warm.




cabled cardigan/yellow skirt

cabled cardigan/yellow skirt

handmade cowlthrifted – ralph lauren sweater, mustard skirt – j crew striped shirt, belt, wool blend tights (under the leggings) – target leggings – l.l. bean bean boots

i was having a stupid face day when we took these pictures. so i opted out of all pictures that focused on my face. some days i photograph great, and some days when i review the pictures i just wonder what my face was up to and why it couldn’t manage to look normal. silly face.

cabled cardigan/yellow skirt

i’ve been quite quite busy, hence the dearth of content around here. but here’s a little of what’s been happening around here:

Seaming my aidez cardigan!

seaming up my aidez cardigan. it’s all done, photoshoot and everything, so expect an FO post quite soon!

Cutest graffiti ever?

quite possibly the cutest graffiti i’ve ever seen!


the first snow! it has been quite cold for november. it’s snowed multiple times already!

Still life with saddle shoes

saddle shoe love!

Such a nice sight. And it comes with such nice sounds!

emi is has been in town from england for a quick visit, so we’ve been trying to fit as much family time and celebration (two birthdays, a bit of thanksgiving and christmas) in a very short span of time. (i have video of them performing this song… so i may share that soon)

Mittens in progress!

i’ve been working on a pair of antler mittens! i think they are turning out quite nice. the yarn is lettlopi, an icelandic spun wool, so it’s a bit rough on the hands. i think i might line them in flannel.

Last day for these beauties!

gram gave me some beautiful roses. i didn’t manage to get any pictures of them at their peak, but i think they are still quite beautiful.

Sometimes it happens that you have to start celebrating Christmas before thanksgiving, but you can't even bother to mind in the least.

christmas-y times are practically upon us! usually i subscribe to the ‘no christmas until after thanksgiving’ rule, but hey, when your sister in law is in town, sometimes rules must be bent!

when i get a new piece of clothing, i want to wear it allll the time. i come up with a dozen different outfits for it. that’s the case with this skirt.


and the blouse, actually.


old navy brown cardigan – swapped lace blouse – thrifted belt – gifted skirt, boots

both are new to me and i looooove them. so it’s the most natural thing in the world that i tried them together. and what did i pair them with? old stand-bys. this cardigan, bought for cheap off the super sale rack at old navy years and years ago, and boots that i have already sung of my love for on the blog. metaphorically. i promise you don’t want to hear me sing. but if we’re ever driving anywhere together, you’ll almost certainly get to hear my enthusiastic* sing alongs.




* that’s pretty much the best thing one could say about my singing.



j crew teal cardigan – target grey t-shirt – thrifted belt, skirt – minnetonka moccasins

i dunno if i’ve mentioned this before, but i was one of those teens who was unwilling to demonstrate enthusiasm. especially aesthetically. days where color schemes were recommended (pep rallies, valentines day, st patricks) made me want to wear opposing colors. it’s taken me a long time to outgrow this, and one way which still makes me feel a little weird is wearing school colors for a school i haven’t attended for 10 years. my school colors were gold and blue, if you hadn’t already gotten there yourself.

i went to a college without school colors, or teams, or sororities/fraternities. it was not a deciding factor, but i did definitely felt it was a bonus.



it’s been a slow process, but if i continue on my current swing, in another ten years, i will be the person with holiday-specific earrings, or different wreaths for every season. this idea doesn’t bother me in the least, but no one tell the 16 year old version of me. she’d pull an annoying face.

what about you? were you a team-spirit teen? what were your school colors?

happy autumnal equinox!

we finally took the air conditioning unit out of the single living room window today, and it makes such a difference in the amount of light in my favorite living space! i was pretty gleeful about it.




j. crew chambray button down – anthropologie green skirt – forever21 yellow sneaks

i got this skirt at the beginning of the summer, and i’ve been wearing it loads, but i have been lax about documenting it. it’s a great addition to my wardrobe, a nice bright pencil skirt! (fun fact- words i accidentally typed into that sentence include ‘green’ and ‘addiction’… freudian slip?) i’ve admired other style bloggers brightly colored pencil skirts for ages, but good pencil skirts run kinda expensive (i’m looking at you j. crew! and that’s even on sale!), and i hadn’t run into the right pencil skirt in my price range. until this one, obviously. thank you, sale racks at anthropologie! i have had some pretty good luck there in the last two years… of course, now that i’ve said that to the internet, my luck will disappear.

say goodbye to the wierd foggy spots in my pictures, and the unintentional vignetting! i actually kind of like their effect in certain pictures, but sometimes you want a clear picture. i just got a new lens, and so far i’m loving it!

this belt is gaining ground against my beloved woven belt! (though it’s not quite as versatile…)

PicMonkey Collage

1, 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6, 7… is not blogged. yet? maybe to be blogged? anyways, this was for a friends wedding at the beginning of the summer. 8, 9, 10, 11

you guys, i made my first toy!


FO: i wonder if it remembers me <– ravelry project page

pattern: tadpole by katie boyette from petit purls (free!)

yarn: lambs pride worsted in yellow (leftover from jayne’s hat)

needles: US size 4 (3.5mm) dpns, a little smaller than suggested because i like a tighter gauge, especially when i wanted to shove as much stuffing as possible in the toy, so the stitches wouldn’t warp.

notions: stuffing, grey felt, a little leftover black yarn, matching thread for both, a sewing needle

(this is my favorite photo!)

i love this! it was a quick and easy knit, BUT! it was not a quick and easy FO. while the yardage is low, and the knitting time is fairly low, too, it required quite a bit of finishing fiddling, and tweaking and trying things once, twice, three times in order to get them right. so while i understand the fun of it, and this project never stressed me out, i also don’t know that this is the beginning of an obsession…


i made sure to really shove as much stuffing as possible in when the time came, so that this would be a nice firm plush toy. since the stuffing was put in before the knitting was finished, blocking wasn’t really an option, but a spritz or two from my iron on steam mode still helped tidy things up, visually.

throughout it’s creation it looked like a pear/a yellow potato:

lil yellow submarine!

a kitty:


and then a submarine!


this was a knit for a friend who’s a fan of life aquatic with steve zissou. you may recall, i made him a hat along similar lines, with which he made a pretty awesome video which featured it heavily? i’m super chuffed with how it turned out, though, and quite pleased that we got to do the FO shoot on the ocean!

in other news, i’ve been changing things around a bit here on the ole bloggity-blog. i may yet fiddle with the color scheme and make up a header, but what do you think? i also tried to add some of what i consider to be the more useful things to the sidebar on the right, but is there anything i’m over looking? is there anything you would like to see on this blog to increase it’s usability?

have a great long weekend! (if you’re in the US or happen to have a long weekend. otherwise have a great regular sized weekend!)

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