thrifted j. crew dress, purse – forever 21 belt, shoes – anthropologie skirt

maybe this shouldn’t be the case by now, but i’m always a little surprised at the versatility of dresses in remixes. maybe it’s because with pants or blouses, i feel like i can only really wear them a couple of ways. but i rarely test the flexibility of a dress until i remix it.

in this remix, this one has been worn as a dress, a skirt (twice), and now a blouse. not too shabby, eh?

when we were in st. louis at the end of may, i got a grilled cheese sandwich at an irish pub for lunch, and it was the most amazing and delicious grilled cheese, with two kinds of cheddar, guinness caramelized onions, and goat cheese! the sharpness of the different cheeses was so good with the sweet onions. so two nights ago i copy-catted (kinda) their idea…

grilled cheese

i was too hungry to go find the real camera… and to wait to test it until after i’d taken a picture! i grilled up some onions, slowly over low heat. i didn’t have enough time to properly caramelize them (did i mention the hunger?), and used a sharp white cheddar and goat cheese. NOM! absolutely wonderful. now i’ll have to try it with caramelized onions! and figure out what they mean by the guinness thing. just simmered in guinness, do you reckon?