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FO: botany of friendship

slowly i’ve been making hats for most of my dude friends. still got a couple more to do, but that’s what this is. a dude hat.

botany of friendship

the specs!

ardag! <–ravelry project page

pattern: botanic hat by westknits
yarn: brown sheep lambs pride worsted in tahiti teal ( same as harry!) with lion brand wool-ease heather grey.
needles: US 5 (3.75 mm) and US 7 (4.5 mm)

botany of friendship

ryan (the recipient) wanted a pom pom, but i couldn’t figure out how to deal with a pom pom on a hat that is meant to be reversible… any thoughts?

two finished knits, no pictures… lots going day to day, not lots of daylight.


almost done documenting the knits of 2010.

FO: take two
taken right after entering the greenhouse from a very cold day. the camera fogged up a bit. i really like the effect of it.

take two! this time for keeps? <–ravelry project

pattern: here and there cables by norah gaughan from scarf style
yarn: berroco geode in moss agate, 8 skeins (824 yds). i knit up to the very end of this.
needles: US size 9 (5.5 mm)

FO: take two

this scarf is a replacement for this one:
jake's scarf
which i made for jake towards the beginning of our relationship.

this is a great scarf. there is no wrong side, it’s cabled on both sides. because it is made up of ribbing and cables, this pattern eats yarn like there’s a yarn famine. which in turn makes it a time consuming project.

FO: take two

i cast on for this at some point in 2009, did maybe three repeats and then put it away to focus on other things. i took it out again for the drive to and from toronto, as it is perfect car knitting. and tv knitting. but not movie theatre knitting. you need to see what you’re doing in those cable rows. because this is a norah gaughan design. so things are put together a little differently than you might expect. which is one of my favorite things about her.

mitten- el uno

that is why i call him el uno! -elisa of 30 rock

it was love at first sight when i saw the heart of the mesa mittens . i started these in toronto, in october, with some canadian made & bought yarn (elitespun fingering in charcoal and hot lava). the first thumb took me a while to get to (assisted by holiday knitting taking priority). i’m partway into the second mitten now. i had a batch of woolen handwashing and blocking to do, i thought i’d block the first mitten, too.

FO's of 2010
(left to right, row by row)
1. saroyan/baktus mashup
2. parrot fruit
3. moss mitts
4. lost socks
5. solace
6. harry!
7. showing my geek stripes
8. simon
9. botany of friendship
10. big sky
11. midnight hollow
12. clover honey
13. buttoned garter mitts
14. gothick spires
15. kissing snails
16. kaylie
17. bloomin garden
18. hocus pocus opus spicatum
19. broham jr
20. sleigh rides & snowball fights
21. pigwidgeon
22. papa’s got a brand new hat
23. mondo cozy
24. martha’s shadow mitts
25. maikke’s hat
26. double aspect
27. take two
28. green s(leaves)
29. bits & bobs
30. as the leaves begin to fall

30 finished objects from 2010. down from 32 last year (i can live with that).

i like small projects. i don’t know why. maybe it’s the speed with which they can be finished? maybe it’s because they never physically get too awkwardly large to knit? maybe it’s because i’m afraid that if a large project doesn’t turn out well, i will be proportionately disappointed? i only made five projects this year that required multiple skeins (i’m excluding colorwork in this definition).

i am disappointed to report that none of my knitting related goals got finished this year. i got one pattern ready to publish (duck duck goose), only to find out that my decreases as i wrote them were… problematic at best for other knitters. that still needs some ironing out. the only sweater-like thing i made was big sky, which i liked quite a bit, but i didn’t make it for me, so i didn’t keep it.

my personal goal did get achieved, however! i got my passport (finally! i’ve been dilly-dallying around on that for years!) and got myself out of the country for a few days.

i’m going to maintain last years knitting goals until such a time as they actually come to fruition. by the end of 2010, i hope to publish at least one of my patterns. and i would like to make myself a sweater. one i would actually wear.

of course, if you ask me at any given time, there’s a line-up of about a dozen knits i’d love to be working on right this very moment (probably why i have issues with cast-on-initis sometimes…). but last night i went to see harry potter and the deathly hallows again (this time with my dad!) and there is such a lot of lovely pieces of knitting inspiration in that movie.

hermione’s outfit here makes me want to make a scoop necked charcoal and black striped vest… ron’s houndstooth vest is lovely, too. there’s loads of great woolly sweaters, hermiones hat, as well as her fingerless mitts.

as well as knitting inspiration, there’s some amazing landscape… i really want to go to the forest of dean now.

my cousin sara hijacked the laptop while i was otherwise occupied (watching pushing daisies) and wrote the following:

eliza would like to get around to talking about her new (brand new!) hat! (pretty!)
it is a lovely small cap with cables.
i have several ideas for what i might do slightly different if i knit it again, but for this one, i followed the pattern quite strictly. it is intended for my small (taller than i) brother collin.

pics will follow:

eliza again:

midnight hollow <– ravelry project page!

pattern: wood hollow hat by through the loops
yarn: ella rae classics, most of a skein (180ish yards?)
needles: US 6’s (4.0 mm)

as sara mentioned, i followed the pattern pretty exactly (got a little lost in the decreases, but they are pretty much correct). when i make this again, it’ll probably get another repeat of the main pattern, as this one is a wee bit short.


i got to borrow my mother in laws camera, as my camera’s battery was dead. it was really nice using a canon powershot again. while i am far better with my nikon than i was at first, i still occasionally miss the ease of the point and shoot camera and canon’s have really lovely color saturation. but this also means that all the pictures have a time stamp which i didn’t figure out how to get rid of.


clover honey <– ravelry project page

pattern: none. stitch was loosely based on the look of the beechwood cowl, with a bias created by kfb at the beginning of every RS row and k2tog at the end of every RS row.
yarn: i spun together a lot of leftover tidbits from lots of purple or purple-ish yarns. i just had this one skein.
needles: US 10’s


this knit was primarily meant to use up an odd skein that i had no idea what to do with. well, now i have a scarf that i have no idea what to do with. it’s cute enough, but it’s kind of short. it isn’t scratchy wool, but it’s not soft either. i have no idea who this is for. i played with the idea of giving it fringe, but everyone i bounced that idea off of shot it down. so now it will sit around until i know what to do with it!

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