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thrifted banana republic cardigan, gap tee – canvas navy chinos – galleria grey wingtips – j. crew necklace

i’m really excited to be done with this remix, guys. more than usual, the rest of my wardrobe is just calling out to me ‘wear me!’ all of my thick wool sweaters, every single pair of jeans, my bean boots (oh, yeah, it’s cold and icy and wintry outside again). basically every warm piece of clothing i own is tempting me. two more outfits to go! i can do it!

washi washi!

i’ve been loving washi tape recently (examples: 1… okay, i thought i had way more examples, but apparently i haven’t been pinning or making note of them.) but i finally bought some! whoo! i bought neon pink and neon green. i celebrated by hanging up this postcard with a punch of concentrated color! bam! take that!

daily kitty!




so we have this floor length mirror, right? for the first two years it was stuck the back of the bedroom door, where no matter what, anyone trying to look in it was backlit. i finally got really annoyed of trying to figure out if my outfit was working in shadows, and pulled that sucker down. now it’s a nomad, wandering around the apartment depending on the light/my whims & moods.


for the purposes of documenting this outfit, it’s just leaning against the counter. being held in place by our grippy rubber potholder/trivet. which should be filed under ‘absolute necessity use alll the frickin’ time but i never ever would have known it until someone gifted it to me’. it holds mirrors, helps open reluctant/sticky jars, keeps pots in place while mashing potatoes, and would never ever let the heat of a pan get through to our hands. just a random little ode to our grippy rubber potholder/trivet.


just keeping it real, guys.

then baiza came to check out what i was up to.




funny girl.

marshall’s dkny blouse from quite a while ago – target belt, shoes – anthropologie ribbon skirt

did i mention it was almost 60 degrees (15 celcius) this day? it’s back to acting like winter again. but i exploited this day for what would typically be a summer outfit.



thrifted grey blazer – crewcuts chambray button down – canvas purple cords – target shoes

yep. that time is accurate. this was after:

– work
– several rounds of dishes
– having friends over
sloppy joes
mashed potatoes
broccoli fritters
– a lil bit of prosecco
– a few episodes of how i met your mother
– hugs & waving goodbye to friends

i was ready to climb into bed. but jake asked if i’d taken outfit pictures, and i hadn’t. and my outfit was (mostly) intact. put shoes & blazer back on, and voila! sleepy outfit pictures. i didn’t last long after this, tellyawhat.

you know, just ‘cuz!

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

bright skirt with layered tops! (polka dot sweater, you’re still on my wishlist! when i find you in my price range [cheapcheapcheap!], watch out!)

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

cords and button down and blazer. lovely.

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

oops, i’ve barely been wearing any belts! where are they? love this classic look.

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

chinos, pretty blouse and blazer? check, check, check!

Source: via Eliza @ ifandany on Pinterest

i never think to tuck the sweater in. might as well give it a shot, eh?



j crew turtleneck – thrifted belt – canvas cords – blowfish booties

i always intended to wear this purplicious outfit, because when i was picking my 15 items, i realized these two purples were in the same red-purple color family! yay! i was feeling pretty nifty about the blue belt all day long, thinking to myself pretentious things like ‘oh, this blue belt provides an awesome counterpoint to the warmer purples, and it isn’t my usual brown belt! huzzah!’, only to look at these pictures and realize that the brown belt would have looked better. pretentiousness lost. (just kidding. it doesn’t go away that easily. believe me, i’ve tried.) i guess the lesson here is: don’t mess with the brown belt. it just works. let it do it’s thing.

except you know i won’t stop trying. but i also won’t stop wearing the brown belt. double win? kinda?

more food!


this weekend i had my first go at making latkes, from the smitten kitchen cookbook (a christmas present! thanks, ladies!). i had all of the ingredients hanging about, and lots of leftover potatoes from the other night. they were a total success! except i opted for a smaller pan rather than a thicker pan, and i think that was the wrong way to opt. next time: cast iron skillet!




target yellow scarf – second hand banana republic cardigan, pleated wool skirt – crewcuts chambray shirt – blowfish booties

i really like this nail polish. it’s hard to capture the color right (it’s called ‘cajun shrimp’ by opi, which i find to be a very unappealing name for an appealing color), but it’s a near neon red-orange. i feel like i’ve read/heard something about reds being the hardest color for cameras to capture? i know they give me grief. i might be making this up though… sometimes my brain feeds me pseudo-science to support my own opinions. not helpful, brain.

'monday night stew'

winter always brings out my hibernating mode. i mostly want to be home, i want to be cooking stews and soups and chilis. hearty, savory, hot meals. i saw pioneer woman’s sunday night stew last sunday, and i made it this week. AWESOME. i don’t know that i’ve ever had turnips, so i had very minor concerns about that, but i also trust pioneer woman, so i gave it a shot. delish! and perfect for short, cold, dark wintery nights. as a note, i cut the recipe in half, and we had five meals out of it. which is ample for one evenings worth of cooking.





thrifted/gifted scarf, gap tee, grey blazer – canvas navy chinos – target shoesies

and then i told a story. it was witty. and dramatic. you were moved. maybe to tears? wow. the power of words, amirite?

no guys, i got nothing. i got no words today. i’ll get back to you later. in the mean time: more pictures!





jake is pretty sure this is the best picture he’s ever taken. another gem from him is that he thinks amirite sounds like a gem. see what i did there? haha. maybe from the beryl family. like 50% of all gems are in the beryl family….

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