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30 for 30 round up

see my selection here.

the heels got absolutely no game time. i think having non-boot heels in a winter remix was perhaps a little silly of me. another no-show? my purple shirt. i don’t even know why. it just never became a part of any outfit?

i’m actually a little surprised at how flexible my blue dress turned out to be. and that the orange cords gave my skinny jeans a run for their money. (i’m mixing metaphors like nobody’s business over here! i hope none of y’all are grading me like an english teacher.)

every one of these 30 for 30’s teaches me something. i pair some new things, even if they never make it to the picture stage, figure out what i have enough of, and what i have too little of. slowly, oh so slowly, i am figuring out how to look put together, while staying totally comfortable, looking the most polished for the least effort. these are the things i want.

for a spring 30 for 30, i’m thinking i might start mid-april. maybe even april 15? i know a few people expressed some interest in this over the course of this 30 for 30. i’m so pleased that i got to do this 30 for 30 with rebecca and ness. it really helps me to stay motivated if people i know are taking on the same challenges. so… i hope some of you will perhaps join me in the spring for another 30 for 30?

todays march-photo-a-day: 5 pm


home and working on various small projects, spreading them out around me like any good nester would. mid-afternoon snooziness led to late-afternoon coffee. if the crazy orange watch (that jake won for answering a burn notice question) in the background were in focus, you would see it was 5:00 on the nose. i was grumpified to find that this picture was slightly shaky when i pulled it into the computer.

TOMORROW! tomorrow is my birthday! yay! i only mention it because tomorrow… i have a present for one of YOU! oooOOOoooh! MYSTERY! come find out more…. TOMORROW!

okay, i’m getting silly now. time to step away from the blog.


there’s a distinct possibility that i used this same title for the 29th outfit of both of my previous 30 for 30’s (i can’t be arsed to go find out, though… forgive me?), sans the ‘& smile’, of course. penultimate is one of those words that i go out of my way to use… natural opportunities don’t arise as often as this excellent word deserves.


gap thrifted shirt
target jeans, brogues

this is actually the outfit from the one day i didn’t get pictures. i re-donned it because i was feeling un-inspired and a little rushed. i would classify this as one of those ‘looks better in the mirror than the camera’ outfits…

i tried taking today’s photo challenge picture (smile). i want to give you guys a real smile, which is very difficult to do when one is conscious that there is a camera on them. so… here’s the one i took today:

(i was perusing this to try and make real smilies, btw)

but here’s the one i think should be considered today’s photo challenge:


from august, at a friends wedding. jake and i were both cracking up, and i think this is about as un-self-conscious of a smile as i have ever caught on myself.

if you’re enjoying the march photo a day challenge, go check out jill‘s or rebecca‘s.


i didn’t realize it at the time, but i totally stole this outfit. or let’s say ‘was inspired to create this outfit’, instead of stole, eh? see? (i know this is sydney from the daybook, but i couldn’t find this outfit… i recently read this whole thing about pinterest and proper sourcing for various things and stuff stuff stuff, and what i’m trying to say here is i’m going to try to be better about providing links for original sources so that the right people are getting credit for what they do. it’s everyone’s internet, let’s be nice to each other, right?)


j. crew gingham button down, thrifted wool skirt, brown boots
jake borrowed belt
h & m navy tights


sorry about the photo dump today, guys! jake took lots of good pictures, and i had a hard time breaking it down.


i’ll be back later with another post (my march photo a day, etc), but i figured it was better to split these up, due to sheer picture quantities. ^_^


lands end brown cardigan
forever21 cheap-o necklace
target white tee
j. crew grey jeggings and brown boots

these grey jeans weren’t the best call for a winter 30 for 30. they are cropped, so i pretty much can only wear them with the boots during the winter, which kind of limits their flexibility. i feel like all of my outfits with these jeans are really really similar (1 & 2). all i’ve been changing is the top layer.

well, i’ve got five outfits left! whoo! anything you guys want to see before this is over? any pieces you feel i haven’t done justice to?

day 1 of march photo a day challenge:
1: UP

up! super long exposure of the night sky.


forever21 deer sweatshirt
lands end oatmeal tshirt
canvas cords
j. crew boots

aggh… excuse the photo quality, and the mess. i made jake take pics really quickly, and he was all like ‘are you sure you have something you can work with?’ and i was feeling tired and tummy-squiffly and worried about whether or not i might have caught the PLAGUE that has been making it’s way through my colleagues, so i was like ‘yes!’. and then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening kind of dozing on the couch.

i’m feeling much less squiffly today. hoorah! and i liked this angle, because i don’t think the blog has ever actually gotten to see our illinois school map.

tomorrow is the beginning of this challenge:

i wore two ouftits yesterday, so… i’m counting them both!

i do this frequently (wear multiple outfits in a day), and i get a lot of flack for it. mostly it’s when i get off of work, i change into jeans and a t-shirt for housework and lounging. this isn’t an unusual thing, right? people do this? in this case, the first outfit was not warm enough, so i changed for coziness.


gap thrifted shirt
probably thrifted belt
j. crew thrifted skirt
h&m navy tights
target black brogues

sadly, this outfit doesn’t look as cute as it felt. hate it when that happens! and it definitely wasn’t warm enough, so…


gap thrifted grey sweater
target white tee, jeggings, black brogues
thrifted silk scarf
willits saddle shoes

i keep seeing fashion bloggers wearing silk scarves in cute ways, so i grabbed one i saw at a thrift store. i gave it a shot in this outfit, and it took me a while to figure out how to wear it. i tried several different configurations around my neck before i settled on this one. it still felt kind of… voluminous, though, so i put a long necklace on over it to weight it down. i felt a little less weird about it as the evening went on, so i think it’s just one of those things (like belts at the natural waist) that will take a few wears before i don’t feel self-conscious about it.

and here are a few cheerfuls for your tuesday. we saw this a few days ago, and it made me grin:

hi, kitty!

and i departed with $2 to bring a little portable sunshine into the house.

portable sunshine

i even used my fancy vase!

(hi, little snow!)

old navy black scarf
target cardigan and jeans
j. crew striped baseball tee, belt, and boots

(hi, jake’s shadow!)

i finally used one of my inspiration pictures! whoo! technically, i have used them before, but they ended up being more of a jumping off point, rather than a direct influence.


ann taylor thrifted blazer
j. crew thrifted shirt
canvas cords
target black brogues


and this marks the 2/3’s point of this 30 for 30. other things that are happening around here? i made a batch of failed cupcakes, followed by a batch of successful cupcakes, plus enough frosting for both batches. i’m not sure how the first batch failed, and it had me very disgruntled.

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