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FO: Candyfloss Socks <–ravelry project page

Pattern: None. Just 56 stitches, cuff down. More details below.
Yarn: Hedgehog Fibres Sock in colorway Villain.
Needles: US size 2, 2.75mm


Let’s talk deets! I tend to prefer toe up socks, so I thought I’d vary it up this time and make these cuff down. I visited Hedgehog Fibres in Cork when I was in Ireland and got to meet the lovely Beata. While I was there, she showed me the beautiful sample of the Vestigial Socks, and I decided on the spot that one of the skeins I purchased from Hedgehog would be turned into mistake rib socks.


I was on the look out for one of her crazy bright yarns. She’s made several pairs of socks in super colorful yarns that I have just adored. With the ridiculous acid/candy color riot happening in this skein, I couldn’t resist. Even though it’s fairly far from my normal color comfort zone. But socks are good projects for that, because they are so easy to cover up.


I pretty much made the heel turn up as I went along. I think it says a bit about how many socks I have knit at this point in time that I am able to just wing it with a heel turn. That has always been the point where I’ve gone running back to the pattern to consult in the past. So… yay! I love the look of the pattern continuing down the heel flap, and as it has yet to be the first place my handknit socks have ever worn out, I don’t have many reservations about it.


I did a wide toe for this pair, for which I consulted my Knitting Vintage Socks book by Nancy Bush. It’s a very comfortable toe, but I’m not convinced about it aesthetically, so I can’t say how likely I am to return to it in the future.


Yay! New FO! I blocked a hat at the same time as these, so that should be up soon, and I’m quite close to finishing another hat, as well as starting the featherweight cardigan you were all kind enough to lend me an opinion about, and chugging away at the crochet blanket.





confession: this hat is my cousins. but every time she wears it around me, i borrow it.

thrifted blouse, jeans – borrowed hat – target shoes

another confession: i am way behind on blogging.

i took a break from my hexagon blanket and finished most of a hat, worked on my ridiculous bubblegum pink socks:

This yarn is ridiculous and I love it.

but then i missed my hexagons, so now i’m back to working on that!

Back to making little hexagons! I'm excited to be back to working on this project!


i’m currently at about 165 hexagons, out of a projected 230 total. but now at least it would be big enough to cover baby. it was a little disheartening when it felt like i’d put in a ton of work, and it was the size of a glorified hankerchief. which is what led to the break. and somehow, feeling so enthusiastic about this project again has me daydreaming about more things to cast on for!

like this stash busting version of boxy:

Daydreaming about casting on for the boxy sweater, stash busting with some sport weight yarn...

i’m not entirely sure how manos del uruguay serena, which is alpaca & cotton blend (510 yds), would work with the 100% wool of the sage-y green (900 yds) and the grey (246 yds). i’ll have to do a swatch. and lots of math to figure out the correct proportions of the stripes to correspond with the varying yardages… but not yet! more crochet hexagons for now!


FO: when in doubt, go to the library <-ravelry project page

pattern: hermione’s everyday socks, knit with modifications from the humble sock goes toe up, as well as my own!
yarn: pagewood farms chugiak in mardi gras, purchased in san diego at the grove
needles: US size 2

Not sure how I feel about the pooling so far... Thoughts?

these socks began their journey last autumn as simple two by one ribbed socks, but i decided that was way too boring, and i was at that time deeply engrossed in re-reading the harry potter series, so i switched courses for hermione’s everyday socks, which i think suits the yarn better. the name is of course, about hermione, a quote from harry potter and the chamber of secrets. it’s no secret that there’s scarcely a character i don’t love in those books, but hermione is quite high on the list. this sums it up pretty well. i have several pins dedicated to HP in my bookish board, in case you happen to have a sudden need for more harry potter things.


i’ve pretty much stopped following original sock patterns… i’ve found that 56 sts on US size 2’s give me a comfortable fit, so if the pattern doesn’t call for 56 sts, i make the necessary adjustments. for a long time, preferred toe up because it allowed me to knit the socks from a single skein without worry that i would run out of yarn before finishing the pair when i didn’t have an electric scale to make sure i had the yarn in two equally sized balls. now i have an electric scale, but i prefer my socks a little shorter than most patterns call for and have never once run out of yarn for socks for myself, and i’ve kind of gotten stuck in my comfortable groove. which i’m totally fine with, so onwards i trot in a similar fashion as the way i came. maybe one of these days i’ll shake it up and try out a few more sock techniques. in the mean time, well you know what they say: ‘if it ain’t broke…’ etc.


i’ve probably mentioned it before, but the humble sock goes toe up is my favorite toe up pattern, both because it is infinitely adjustable, and also because it has a gusset, which i like a lot! short row heels feel tight on me, and i feel like i am placing stress on the knitted fabric of my socks when i’ve made short row heels. (oh i definitely have, in fact just the last time i finished a pair of socks!)


i was drawn to this yarn for it’s deep jewel like tones. pagewood farms excels at these, and i’ve admired them for years, but they are just rare enough in yarn stores, and i always seemed to have other priorities when i did see them, that i had never purchased a skein before this one. it’s very tightly twisted, and knits up a little too defined, a little loosely, but it fluffed up and filled out nicely with a blocking. i suspect working with size 1 needles would fix it, too, but man, progress really seems to slow down between size 2 and 1. it might be more about perception than reality, but that’s how i feel on the matter.


i finished these in ireland, knitting on trains, and in restaurants, and on buses. they were the perfect mindless, easily portable project for that. it took me my typical eons to block them, and then my camera battery was drained for another month, but now! now i have a new pair of hand knit socks! huzzah!


colorblock rikke, bitsy & bobbsy (II), mistake rib hat

21 finished objects: 13 hats, 2 sweaters, 2 scarves, 1 cowl, 1 pair of mitts, 1 pair of socks, 1 toy. a slightly ridiculous amount of hats. an unprecedented amount of sweaters. 1,561 yards, though that is a very approximate conjecture. as opposed to last years 16 finished objects: 4 cowls, 4 hats, 2 mitts, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of slippers, 1 pair of legwarmers, 1 camisole, 1 sweater, 1 baby blanket. so less diversity than last year, but more FO’s.

rosy fingered dawn, honey block hat, belafonte

goals for 2012:
publish one pattern
knit one sweater (doesn’t have to be for me!)
finish 20 knits
knit for pleasure
knit selfish
go back to spinning. maybe 6 skeins?

with an olive, winter is coming, bough

welp. i failed at a few of those. no patterns published, as i never could choose one to start pursuing! and i didn’t spin 6 skeins, though i did actually start making headway on that goal! i think i got 2 skeins spun up? but the balance on my spinning wheel got a little wonky, and i still need to get that looked at.

what the frack-tal, reduced circumstances, pops hat

but i accomplished more goals than not! 21 FO’s, one more than i hoped for! 2 sweaters! knitting for pleasure and knitting selfishly. this was kind of a big deal for me. in 2012 i experienced a bit of… knitting malaise. primarily due to taking on projects i did not have enough interest in. so i tried to be more careful about the projects i took on this year. i tried to make sure that even when i was knitting for others, that i was making choices consistent with what i wanted to be making. and it worked out! i’m still knitting a little less than i used to. but my peak was when i spent a minimum of 10 hours on a train every week. i don’t commute by train anymore. and now that i’m more active in the producing of PoPS, i don’t know that i can expect my output to equal those heights. and that’s okay. it’s just an adjustment.

stripey magee, tinker bell mitts, el pescador

this next year:
– de-stash. i want to have a stash that inspires me, not weighs me down. i don’t mind how i de-stash. it doesn’t all need to be knit up, i can donate, gift away, whatever. right now my ravelry stash claims i have 93 yarns in my stash. let’s aim for… 85 by next year? i would also like it all to fit in the closet i have allocated for it.
– try a new technique. i made a toy for the first time this year! one of the things i love love love about having knitting as my favorite hobby is that there are always new ways to challenge yourself, to learn more. if there’s a ceiling to what you can know about knitting, i’ve never glimpsed it! that said, i certainly can get sucked into remaining in my comfort zone. so this year, i want to make sure there’s at least one adventure! maybe brioche stitch? i’ve never done that. or stranded colorwork with more than 2 colors per row? maybe it’s time to get over my intarsia aversion?
– work from some new designers. while i was doing the round up, i realized how many designers i admire but haven’t knit from! so i’d like to try at least one design by joji and alicia. i’ve admired both of their styles for quite a long time now, but never made anything they’ve designed!

once upon a midnight dreary, ne me quitte pas, sloe berries

and i’m keeping the following:
– knit 20 objects. this is just a goal, not a resolution. i’d be happy with less, if they were a little larger in scope this next year.
– keep spinning. i was really loving getting back to it before i got interrupted.

slow news day, turn a square, clean slate cowl

i think that’s plenty to accomplish, honestly! i wouldn’t mind publishing another pattern, but i’m still not sure which one to pursue, so i’m not going to toss it on the official list. what did you knit this year? which was your favorite project? are you making any goals for the new year?

and indeed it is. we had our first frost last week, and i am suffering mixed feeling about it. on the one hand, the hoar-tipped greenery is quite pretty, and freezes should be bringing an end to my autumnal allergies, with have been especially active this year. but on the other hand, we started filming all of the external scenes for pops episode 8 so that we wouldn’t have to film outside in the frigid freezing ridiculous cold. only, we’re starting to have to do that anyways. in october. yeesh.


FO: winter is coming <– ravelry project page

pattern: the humble sock goes toe up using the elongated corded rib pattern from sensational knitted socks
yarn: wooly wonka in colorway winterfell (hence the name of the socks)
needles: size 2


mods: well, this is a mash-up pattern. i prefer to knit socks toe-up, two at a time, although i don’t use the two circular needle method, just grab 8-10 of my scads of size 2 double pointed needles and switch back and forth between the two socks. i feel that i have more control knitting toe up, in terms of using yarn up evenly, making the two socks identical, avoiding second sock syndrome (i have two or three single socks hanging around my wip basket). but i miss the gusset from top down socks. short row heels without a gusset always feels like it’s really pulling at the heel. this is the first time i’ve tried the instructions from the humble sock goes toe up. they aren’t the only toe-up with gusset pattern out there, but they were definitely the first ones i ever saw!


these have rekindled my interest in knitting socks, and i’ve already cast on for another pair (the hermione’s everyday socks that i mentioned). however, i’ve worn these twice since finishing them, and it’s reminded me of the reasons i am ultimately less of a sock knitter. while i love the ability to create useful objects, the soles of these are felting after two wears… which feels a little defeating. i guess socks just have a smaller lifetime then other knits, and if i’m going to knit socks, it’s just something i’ll have to get over.


my favorite recent musical find is grimes:

i’ve been listening to this album (visions) a lot recently. i thought i found it via spotify, but i realized when i found this music video that i’d seen it a while back on kate’s blog.


i’ve been kind of obsessed with making sandwiches at home on my days off. goat cheese, roasted red peppers, turkey bacon, sun dried tomatoes, a thin slice of red onion: any combination of these on toast, tossed in the broiler so that the onion softens slightly, and the rest warms up. avocado and mixed greens go on at the end, just before eating. so delicious!

We are in luck here with get cozy & spark-tacular ring finger

i just got a nail polish set based on ariel, since i’m a nerd. i like all of the colors, but of course i had to try the bright coral first!


i’ve been traveling so much this summer. four states so far, with a fifth coming up shortly. these socks were mostly knit on a road trip up to the upper peninsula of michigan, and i’m *this close* to finishing them.


i love seeing new places and traveling, but to tell you the truth, i’m cherishing my time on the couch at home at the moment.

FO: honeyblock hat

FO: honeyblock hat

FO: honeyblock hat

FO: honey block hat

yarn: grey yarn recycled from a thrifted sweater, yellow yarn is brown sheep lamb’s pride superwash worsted (leftover from my honey cowl)
needles: US 6 (4.0mm) for ribbing, US 8 (5.0mm)
pattern: my own. pretty basic. 2×2 ribbing, switch over to bigger needles. eventually switch yarns. use a pom pom maker to make the fluffiest of pom poms, because i’m crap at making them without the assistance of the helpful device.

this hat was commissioned, but i’m totally in love with it. i will be so sad to say good bye to it.

FO: honeyblock hat

i’ve been feeling a little stressed out recently. too much to do, not accomplishing nearly enough. so i decided today to focus on things i’ve already accomplished, like this hat. which i finished like over a month ago. take some pictures, proclaim the project finished on ravelry, write up a blog post, and presto! a little feeling of accomplishment to tide me over until i can catch up a little more.

i’ve been terrible about keeping my current knitting up on the blog, so:

elongated rib sock in progress

i’ve been working on a toe up sock since new mexico. the yarn is wooly wonka fingering, which i got at a yarn store in sante fe. i took some pictures, which i’ll share with you later! the colorway is called winterfell, so i was thinking i’d call these socks ‘winter is coming’. i love it when my pop culture, nerdiness, and knitting combine!

what’re you working on? you got any stress deferring advice?

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