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new storage!

even though their suspended floors give me a headache and a quivery tummy.

it is worth it. no longer is my stash squashed into opaque moving bins, and i don’t have to spread the entirety of it out before i start a new project. 55 inches tall, and 8 drawers now hold the majority of my stash, including handspun and unspun roving. the only stash separated from this are the much larger quantities of the same thing (2 boxes of roving from sheepsies i know, and sweaters worths of yarn).

in knitting news, i have separated front from back in the plain and simple. yay! i also knit a quick hat, and i’m not sure if i like it. i may submit it for your opinion.

i went to go see tamora pierce speak at a library in the area a couple of weeks ago, and since then i have been sneaking in a re-reading of the lioness quartet and reveling in the familiar comfort of it. i’m through the majority of the last book, now, so if you’ll excuse me…


birthday presents

one of the great things about having friends who share/know about your passion, is that when gift giving time comes, they spring for gorgeous things that are usually just a little out of your own price range.

do you see the shiny-shininess of that yarn? smell the light whiff of the ocean? (it’s understandable if you don’t… i myself haven’t been able to smell for about three days now.) that’s right! handmaiden seasilk! and that beautifully paired paisley with the raw silk? lantern moon needle case!

there have been hints that more yarn may thrown into my willing arms on saturday, too… we shall just have to wait and see.

if only i could knit faster! alack, i have been sick. in the blogosphere, many knitters seem to exploit illness for knitting time. in the course of a flu or headcold, they finish whole sweaters. sadly, i have yet to figure out this talent. my main talent recently seems to be filling waste baskets with kleenex. this, my friends, i am a champion at.

but still i press on with my plain and simple. i am very nearly done with the torso section. then onto sleeves and yoke! i suspect that the collar is going to take nearly as long as the torso… i am really itching to finish something, though. it may be time for a quick refreshing hat.

i have to say, i’m getting kind of frustrated with my schedule. did i say schedule? i mean schedules. balancing 2 regular jobs, PoPS, and about two or three extra weekly scheduled things, plus the incidentals. but it’s not like i want to give anything up! ugh. and i do have free time… it’s just weekdays in the morning and early afternoon. NO ONE else is free. there are friends i haven’t seen for months! (sorry, cindy)

sunday was my birthday. only it didn’t feel much like my birthday… but i did get orange rolls!

nom nom nom nom (out of curiosity when did this become the approved eating/yummy noise?)

plain and simple is coming along. slowly. with miles of stockinette.

(what’s that?! could it be birthday presents? a swift and ball winder?!)

i’ve got 8.5″, which is just over half the body length…


… because occasionally, i do…

a few more quotes from middlemarch:

‘some discouragement, some faintness of heart at the new real future which replaces the imaginary, is not unusual…’

‘if we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrels heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence.’

both from chapter 20. actually, they are from the same paragraph! apparently, i really enjoyed this paragraph.

cast on multiple hundred stitches today for the plain and simple. bring on the mindless stockinette! i may want to purchase another size two circular, as i don’t have any idea how long this will take me…

do you know those weeks shaped like swirling vortexes? they suck you in and spit you out on the other side, exhausted and bewildered? that was last week. i’m not sure what i did with my daily (approx) 3 hours at home that weren’t sleeping, but i’m fairly sure i was either eating or staring blankly at a wall.

my point? i didn’t finish liesl. no ravelympic medal for me. i’m disappointed in myself… but i bound off the first sleeve too soon and too tight, and the lace is off on the second sleeve, and i have to rip back and figure that out. and frankly, i’m not certain if the liesl is going to be big enough for me. it’s looking really tight right now. i may block it before i finish knitting it. i’d rather waste time doing two blockings, than finish it only to have to rip the whole thing or give it away.

for these reasons, liesl and i are on the outs at the moment. once it was clear there was no way i was finishing by the deadline, i picked up one of my side projects to give liesl and me a little space. and was knitting merrily along on my pidwigeon (malabrigo weave scarf), when i sat on one of the needles and broke it. ugh!! trip to local yarn store imminent to retrieve more 9 (5.5 mms) straights.

wow! i didn’t mean for this to be such a ‘woe betides!’ entry. sorry about that, guys! in good news, my cousin (rav link!) picked up some yarn for me this weekend:

ultra alpaca fine

so i have 3 skeins of this (approx 1300 yds), and i’m thinking… plain and simple? what d’ya think?

of course at this point, i have about four sweaters floating around in my mind, countless accessories, and three projects actively on needles. ah, well.

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