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i usually announce on the blog when a new episode of PoPS has gone live, and guess what? episode 8 is live! check it out!

also, i posted an outfit selfie on instagram last week, and rebecca and i decided it’s been way too long since our last remix! soooooo: it’s remix time! whoo!


even though i had the weekend to prepare, i ended up doing some PoPS stuff, biking to the library to get a book, cleaning a little, cooking a bit, and generally doing pretty much whatever i felt like. i thought about the remix a litttle bit, but i didn’t really make decisions or lay out selections or any of that. so i’m approaching this a little differently. i’m going to just wear different outfits until i’ve collected 15 items! and then i’ll remix those! ta-da!


for points of reference, though, selections broken down along these lines have worked really well for me in the past:

-4 shirts (long & short sleeved, usually at least one blouse)
-3 layering options (cardigan, sweater, blazer)
-3 bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts)
-3 pairs of shoes
-1 dress


target cardigan, t-shirt – talbot’s skirt from my gram – old navy sandals

4 items downs, 11 to go! 1 outfit down, 14 to go!


i have really been making an effort this year not to get fed up with winter. and, for the most part, i’ve been succeeding. every day that it reaches -18 fahrenheit here, i know that my dad has dealt with -30 fahrenheit, which really helps to keep my attitude in check. but what i have been getting frustrated with is my cold weather gear. i feel like only a tiny percentage of my wardrobe has been seen in the last three months, and frankly, i’m pretty sick of seeing only that tiny percentage. so i’ve been making an effort, diving into lesser used corners of my wardrobe to try and feel like i can still have fun getting dressed.


in this case, a longer wool pleated skirt that i inherited from my grandma, but is too heavy most of the year. it gets pushed to the back, where i tend to kind of forget about it.


it’s also cold enough that most outfit pictures happen as close to the warmth of indoors as possible. more interesting locales will happen when it’s warm enough to do more than dash from indoor space to indoor space!

inherited from grandma talbots scarf, wool pleated skirt – thrifted old navy sweater – j. crew boots


jones new york blouse – j. crew belt – anthropologie skirt – topshop green tights – thrifted boots

christmas season is in full swing over here! as usual, i am deeply enamored with our christmas tree! for the first time, we managed to get a tree that is small enough for our short ceilinged apartment. usually our tree will be bursting out of the corner it is allocated to. this time, it fits! there’s even room for some presents!

we watched our usual movies while putting the tree together, but we also listened this swedish christmas music. anna has posted it multiple times before, but this is the first year i’ve bothered to download it or listen to it, and i was totally charmed and won over almost immediately.

i made my first cookie press cookies! spritz! the recipe called for a LOT of flour, and they were very difficult to press. after the first three dozen, my forearms couldn’t handle it anymore and i had to bring in jake’s fresh strength to use up the rest of the dough. sheesh! i might try a recipe with less flour next time in the hopes that it’s friendlier to my forearms. they were delicious, though! i find my sweet tooth is the hardest to resist first thing in the morning. a few cookies are so good with the first cup of coffee.

what are your favorite things about the season? any new discoveries sweetening your life?

when i get a new piece of clothing, i want to wear it allll the time. i come up with a dozen different outfits for it. that’s the case with this skirt.


and the blouse, actually.


old navy brown cardigan – swapped lace blouse – thrifted belt – gifted skirt, boots

both are new to me and i looooove them. so it’s the most natural thing in the world that i tried them together. and what did i pair them with? old stand-bys. this cardigan, bought for cheap off the super sale rack at old navy years and years ago, and boots that i have already sung of my love for on the blog. metaphorically. i promise you don’t want to hear me sing. but if we’re ever driving anywhere together, you’ll almost certainly get to hear my enthusiastic* sing alongs.




* that’s pretty much the best thing one could say about my singing.



j crew teal cardigan – target grey t-shirt – thrifted belt, skirt – minnetonka moccasins

i dunno if i’ve mentioned this before, but i was one of those teens who was unwilling to demonstrate enthusiasm. especially aesthetically. days where color schemes were recommended (pep rallies, valentines day, st patricks) made me want to wear opposing colors. it’s taken me a long time to outgrow this, and one way which still makes me feel a little weird is wearing school colors for a school i haven’t attended for 10 years. my school colors were gold and blue, if you hadn’t already gotten there yourself.

i went to a college without school colors, or teams, or sororities/fraternities. it was not a deciding factor, but i did definitely felt it was a bonus.



it’s been a slow process, but if i continue on my current swing, in another ten years, i will be the person with holiday-specific earrings, or different wreaths for every season. this idea doesn’t bother me in the least, but no one tell the 16 year old version of me. she’d pull an annoying face.

what about you? were you a team-spirit teen? what were your school colors?



gift hat – hand-me-over polka dot blouse – thrifted belt – anthropologie skirt – ebay cole haan loafers

this outfit is 100% inspired by jen’s. the moment i saw it, i stored it away for future use. i really like crisp white paired with off white, and i’ve tried it before, but i think this attempt is a little better.


and woot! that’s the 15 outfits. rebecca and ness finished their remixes eons ago. before it was technically summer. but kessa and i have been going at about the same pace!

i have something a little different for you today! jake and i recently got a new toy, and jake wanted to test out it’s slow-motion capabilities. so we went out and shot some clips of me doing various things to test it out. so, if you’d like, here’s a little video of the eleventh outfit:

we do have fun, it’s true! thanks to jake for his camera & editing prowess, the song is driftless pony club (don’t you love it?). all that spinning made me feel like lucille austero, though!

and, i dunno, in case your plug-in is broken, or you’re at work, or you have an abysmal internet connection and the idea of waiting for a 90 second video is more than you can stand, here’s the more traditional outfit post:





gifted hat – hand-me-over blouse – thrifted belt, purse, shoes – anthropologie skirt

you know how i tore this skirt and said since it was in the remix, i’d have to mend it quickly? i lied. i stuck a safety pin in it and called it a day. hmmm…

and this is definitely my favorite picture of myself at the moment:


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