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happy solstice, guys! so far i am okay with this winter. weather isn’t too bad, good proportion of snowfall to decent driving, etc. but i am very excited for the days to start getting longer. sunset at five is difficult. very difficult. i’ve been a bit hibernate-y as a result.

the cardinal rule

finished the hat! i like it a bunch, as i do with most knits i give away.

pattern: my own duck duck goose pattern, although the gauge is different, so i had to recalculate most of it…
yarn: mountain colors bearfoot in ruby river colorway. i used about half of it… maybe 200-230 yards?
needles: circular 4’s for the brim and 6 for the body of the hat.

(color is a bit blown out, but this is the best picture of the stitch and it shows the mohair content of the yarn)

the cardinal rule
(i fell in the snow)

i’m a little miffed at myself for getting a lighter weight yarn so that i couldn’t check my pattern notes for the original duck duck goose, but i just fell in love with this colorway. i’ve been wanting to use bearfoot for a while but i didn’t have any specific projects in mind for it. this hat grew grew grew when it was wet, and i was afraid it was going to be wayyyyy tooo long for the amount of slouch in wanted. other than that there really isn’t much to say about this project. i hope soom likes it!

some knits in action. i blocked my brothers hat. i love it. i’m afraid i am pushing back finishing it because i love having it around to look at… (also it goes with princepessa’s coat really well… maybe she needs a colorwork hat with some red in it?)


red is the thing at the moment. i have two hats that are almost complete right now.


a quincy hat, from made in brooklyn, which just needs a blocking for me to be satisfied. (i supposed a wash might be more accurate, as garter doesn’t need much blocking in general. but i’ll be happier once that happens.)

broham jr

and my brothers new hat. i cast off yesterday, but i wasn’t happy with one of my color decisions, so i spent a few hours this afternoon slowly duplicate stitching with a new color and pulling out the old one. not the most highly recommended way of doing things, but as it was close to the brim, i sure as hell wasn’t going to frog back to it. this hat needs a crochet border, some ear pulls, and definitely needs a blocking.

in other red knitting, the glittens are officially done. i quit dilly dallying and sewed the dang buttons on. it just needs a wee photoshoot. outside, in the sunlight, with jake… it might be a few days. still plugging away on the red duck duck goose, too. the finish line isn’t quite in sight, but the decreases are almost on the horizon.

does anyone else have an extremely difficult time photographing deep reds? because i really have issues with dark red yarns, which is unfortunate, as it’s one of my more favorite colors. last week i actually had a couple of days off, with which i accomplished astonishingly little. but i did get ill. i’m getting ahead of myself. this summer i inherited a number of skeins of louisa harding kimono angora. 7 skeins, in this colorway:


this yarn is absolutely fantastically lusciously soft, and i love rubbing my cheek on it. but this colorway? it does nothing for me. absolutely nada. so, presented with some free time, and many things to accomplish, i decided to ignore them and dye this yarn instead!

i overdyed it crimson, and it turned out a gorgeous cherries and garnets kind of deep red, which i cannot for the life of me capture with my camera. this is the closest i got:

(edit! replaced with a better picture, taken *gasp!* outside. amazing that it helps.)

i just need to figure out what i want to do with 875 yards of dk weight angora/wool/touch of nylon blend. any thoughts?

I meant to do this yesterday, but i got distracted… by knitting, then tetris, shepherd’s pie prep and eating, then 30 rock, then veronica mars. oh, and then cake! i am a very distractable person.

so here is the preview for PoPS episode 2:

which started going up yesterday!

Part one is here.
Part two is here.
and the pineapple boy channel is here!

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