let’s start with something non-sweater related shall we?

on and off i have been playing with the beautiful purple yarn emi & james gave me for christmas. i originally started a solaria, which is gorgeous, and i’ve been wanting to make it for quite a while, but it is… demanding! the first round of lace was taking more attention than i could afford, so i ripped back and started my own thing:


loosely based on this anthropologie cowl i’m obsessed with, but it’s not turning out like it at all… but i’m chugging along, both because it’s a very transportable project and because i figure i’ll give it a few inches to figure out if i like it in it’s own right or not.

also, while i’ve been wiling away on the non-knitting portions of finished the fair isle sweater, i’ve been dreaming of my next stash busting sweater. here are the major players currently envisioned:

Something that begins with I: 'I'm dreaming of my next project!'

i’m thinking a blue lace for the majority of the sweater, with a cream, oatmeal, and coral colorwork yoke. a swingy a-line shape, possibly with an irregular hemline? possibly a slight hankerchief hem? or that dip in the back that is having a moment currently? nothing too of the moment, though, i want to be able to wear this sweater for years. here are some yoke swatches:

Swatching! Not sure if I'm going to start sweater 2 immediately, but I can't stop dreaming about it!

as for madame le fair isle, i have been:

grafting on the button band:

#fmsphotoaday something good: grafting on my button band to (hopefully) finish up this sweater, and I painted my nails today! Cool grey plus sparkly sparkles!

which took a hella long time. it took three different attempts to get everything lining up just how i wanted it, but my whole approach to this sweater has been ‘don’t half-ass it. spend the time, get it right.’ so i grafted it three times. also painted my nails. like i do. cool grey and sparkly sparkles!

and in the effort to get it right the first time, it took many tries to find the right buttons. i was thinking of re-using the beautiful brown buttons from the big bear beast, but when i lay them out on the cardigan, they were just wayyy tooo brown. bit of a bummer, though. pillaged into my button supply, and i had two options that would have worked, if i had one more button for either of them! le sigh. so off to shop for buttons! three stores later, i landed on the below beauties:

Found the buttons for my sweater!

and that’s all the news that’s fit for print! i actually have an FO to share with you soon! i finished it a bit ago but only just got FO pictures. spoiler alert: pictures of a cute kid are in your future!

what’s up with you guys?