eep! less than six weeks til christmas. how did this happen? i have much to do. so i thought i would share with you guys some inspiration for quick gift knits that has been floating around my brain.

for the moment let’s limit it to slippers.

crispianna‘s moc-a-soc slippers

i’ve made these before, and i also love tiny owl knits great version, but crispianna really elevated these to a new level with the addition of the leather bottoms. even after three different versions of this pattern (count ’em: one, two, three), i might need to re-knit these… i’m not sure i’ve ever used another pattern more.

garment house‘s wookie slippers from nola’s slipper pattern (also note: this pattern is free!).

i love the really rustic super handmade quality of these. something i would have shied away from when i began knitting, when looking handmade meant ‘sloppy’ to me. but i’ve warmed to this since getting better at knitting. why shouldn’t it look handmade, after all? i made it with my hands!

kelly-ann‘s log cabin slipper socks

again, this is a pattern i’ve made before (voila) which i think is really elevated by the addition of leather soles. plus they are so tweedy and brutiful.

postcriptlove‘s cottage house socks from the eponymous pattern

oooh, so simple! so thick and warm looking! what is not to love? don’t you want to snuggle just lookin’ at them?